3.1 Milan

Leave without a plan. The kind of supposedly aspirational undertaking which is plastered across bucket lists everywhere. Leave without a plan. In reality, this may not be the most sensible solution. Leave, perhaps… Continue reading

3. Italy

Oh, Packing. So, today I tipped out all of those toiletries and first aid things that I packed for Peru and cut them down to half, and sort of looked and it and… Continue reading

2. New York

We only had three days and three nights in New York, but I’m so glad that we made the stop. From the first time we stumbled out of our apartment into the harsh… Continue reading

1.11 International Weight Lifting Champion

Hello again. Apologies for lack of posts! We were hibernating pretty seriously for a couple of days after the Inca Trail, and the only reason we eventually emerged was because we had a plane… Continue reading

1.10 The Inca Trail

Hola Chicos! Sorry for the insane length of this post, but a lot has happened! We are in the middle of moving accomodation and preparing to return to Lima, we are super busy… Continue reading

1.9 Lake Titicaca

If we renamed all the tourist attractions in England so that their names included hilarious words such as Titi, the British tourist industry would be at an all time high. More reasons to vote… Continue reading

1.8 Could a llama trample me?

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a group of just thirty five adults or seventy children are able to trample a human being to death. This is true of just a small… Continue reading

1.7 El Cristo Blanco

*cough. cough.* I´m sick. I think that one of los neños charmingly gave me their cough and now it has mutated into some kind of megavirus, leaving me exhausted and disgusting. Whoever said… Continue reading

(1.6 Sex and el Ciudad)

Okay, a quick update… We have moved out of Lourdes´house! At this point, we would have happily moved back to the accomodation that originally fell down, even if it was still partially collapsed,… Continue reading

1.5.5 Side note.

We certainly feel that we are getting to know Cusco much better now, it is a relatively small city and we can easily wander around, going from the main plasa to our residence… Continue reading

1.5 Sun Temple, sun and temples.

I would like to retract my previous statement of “Ola” I of course meant to say “Hola!”. How embarassing. Anyway, Los Neñosssss! I am enjoying them. They are fun to hang out with,… Continue reading

1.4 Los Neños

Ola. Well, everything turned out better than expected. On Monday we went with much trepidation to the Spanish school in the centre of Cusco. (This is a twenty minute walk from our homestay,… Continue reading

1.3 Cusco

We have been in Cusco for three days now, and after a last minute change of plans from Real Gap (apparently our accommodation fell down…) we have been posted with a host family.… Continue reading

1.2 Huaca Pucllana

We´ve been doing a lot more exploring around Lima, and today we went to see the ancient Inca palace of Huaca Pucllana. Where our hostel is; Miraflores, is a seperate district of Lima,… Continue reading

1.1 Flying Dog Hostel, Lima.

Well, we’re officially in Peru! After two long haul flights, we arrived in Lima airport very early this morning. We found a licensed (be proud) Taxi Driver and asked him how much it would… Continue reading

1. Peru

  Click to enlarge I am leaving for the airport in an hour and a half! I have a (relatively) small rucksack, as I have discovered, and it is a good job I… Continue reading

The science of leaving.

Hello! I’m just in the interim stage at the moment between leaving-work and leaving-the-country, and I’m starting to go absolutely crazy. When I get stressed out, I begin to obsessively organise things, until… Continue reading

Welcome to the Zooniverse (again)

I recently posted my 75th post! Which, if I had been married to my blog, and each post represented a year of marriage, would be my Diamond anniversary as PrettyVacantPirate! (According to Wikipedia.… Continue reading

Packing Algorithms

Packing. Seriously, it’s like this crazy test of skill and decision-making, and it stresses me out. So I did what any rational person would do. I made a flow chart. Here’s my foolproof… Continue reading

Social Media

I love blogging, and I enjoy being a part of the social media of WordPress, much more than I enjoy being a part of Facebook, or Twitter, or, you know, Bebo. I have… Continue reading

The Business of Blogging.

So, I have finished the oh-so-exciting-and-also-incredibly-frustrating-and-surprisingly-time-consuming project that I have been working on. I decided to make little ‘business cards’ so I could give my blog address to friends and family so that… Continue reading


So, I’m halfway through the latest in a seemingly interminable series of train journeys, on, no less, a particularly crappy train (the ones with no fold-down tables and the weird manually opening doors… Continue reading

Time Passes

Apologies for the shoddy blogging, could do better, I know I know. The fact is that nobody wants to hear me complain and that’s all I seem to be able to do at… Continue reading


So, this Thursday, I went to London with Ross and Emily to see The Airborne Toxic Event play a gig at KoKo nightclub in Camden Town. We buttoned up our top buttons, wore… Continue reading

This is the way the world ends…

Not with a bang, but a: I’m busy. I am starting to day dream about being in bed, and at night… I also dream about being in bed. Really , it’s my main… Continue reading

Teenage Dirtbag.

I went to York! It is such a lovely historic town, and the University keeps it alive and kicking. There’s a coffee shop on every corner, huge open spaces, beautiful parks, an amazing… Continue reading

Valentine’s Day Craft.

As you may expect, I did some crafty stuff for Valentine’s Day gifts. I’m going to do a few quick tutorials, to show you how easy it can be to tell the people… Continue reading

If this is love, love is easy…

…It’s the easiest thing to do, I know, I know, I’m spilling over a little from the designated Valentine’s time period, but this is the last one, I promise. Valentine’s day seems to… Continue reading

Viva Bosc Vegas

This weekend, Emily and I went to visit Ross at his University in Bournemouth. We went to Wagamamas, which is a rare treat for all of us, and we were all a bit… Continue reading

I am dying Egypt, dying.

A plague a’both your houses, I am sped. I go, and it is done, the bell invites me. A hit, a very palpable hit! I’m sick, in case you were wondering why I… Continue reading

An Hour in the Café, closing time.

It’s almost as if the chef thinks I’m forgetful. “I’m going on my break at six, okay?” Yes, yes, I nod distractedly and carry on dealing with the huge queue of customers that… Continue reading


Caffeine. Or, to correctly paraphrase most of my customers; CAFFEINEEEEE! For some people, caffeine seems to be essential to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, and things can get pretty ugly when… Continue reading


As of this morning, I am officially free of Exams! I get a bit worked up around exam and revision time, and tend to spend hours at a time either revising, or else… Continue reading


Exciting news reveal! How exciting. I’m going to hand over now, I had to do a lot of wheedling and have several severe words to wangle this for you, so enjoy 😉 Now I know… Continue reading

Eight kids and counting…

Sounds like the title of a controversial documentary, right ? Actually, I am referring to the Bell family. The Bell family is an extraordinary group of children, all of whom have been adopted… Continue reading


Hello there, long time no see and all that. I won’t apologise for my recent lack of posts. Any posts posted over the past few weeks would have been entirely composed of non-cheery… Continue reading

On the Sixth day of Christmas

“Ugh, do you remember when she used to write funny posts about coffee?” Rude. But yes I do remember. Oh happy days, when the antics of my customers made me mildly amused, instead… Continue reading

On the Fifth Day of Christmas

Happy Twelfth Night! It’s so very awkward that I haven’t finished my twelve days of Christmas… Five gold things Sometimes I think that five good things everyday is a good amount of good… Continue reading

On the Fourth day of Christmas

Four Little Words… The unspeakable sadness, the terrible loneliness, is it any wonder that they spend their time all huddled together, talking, drinking, with loud music filling the air? Lighting cigarettes, drinking coffee,… Continue reading

On the Third Day of Christmas…

HAPPY NEW YEAR! {Three Semi-Resolutions} I know I should be on about the seventy second day of Christmas right now, but I’m slow. Which is why my first resolution this New Year is not… Continue reading