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Ocean’s 8

If you read my reviews of Rogue One or Spectre, you can probably guess how I feel about the latest heist flick from the Ocean’s franchise. It’s called Ocean’s 8, the principal cast… Continue reading

Cuba – Baracoa

Keen to leave Santiago de Cuba, and keen to try out the Taxi Collectivos (group taxis) that we had heard other travellers rave about, we decided to skip the bus and make the… Continue reading

Drinking in East London (Part One)

I’ve lived in London for almost three years now, and I’m starting to feel like a real, proper Londoner. My Oyster card never leaves my sight, I can get across the city at… Continue reading

If in doubt…

It’s getting pretty Christmassy around here! I’m so excited to finish up my last week of term and get home to my family, but I’m making sure to soak in everything that is… Continue reading

Gift Guide #2

How’s the present-buying going? Really really well? Well I hope you’re doing better than me anyway! It’s so stressful buying gifts – especially gifts for guys, right? What do they want? Because the perverse… Continue reading


December the 6th is Small Business Saturday – and a great day to remember all of the small businesses (in our home towns and further afield) when buying Christmas Presents. My dear, dear… Continue reading

Gift Guide #1

Not long ’til Christmas! If you’re not quite done with your christmas shopping (or if you haven’t even started *slaps wrist*) don’t worry – I’ve got you covered! For these little gift guides… Continue reading

November Shmovember…

I am all over Christmas planning right now! Seriously, December – we got this. I feel like I may have been a teensy bit overenthusiastic in looking forward to Christmas and have sort of let… Continue reading

19/52 – Box Park, Shoreditch

I was supposed to post this post yesterday but instead I sat in the garden and ate ice cream. Awkies. (Or, as my sister would say, ‘Nnnnaughty’. Actually she’d probably say awkies too.… Continue reading

Ten Minute DIY – Jewellery Display

Since I moved in, my jewellery has been sitting sadly in a tiny box on my bookcase, getting tangled and forgotten, so I came up with a quick DIY solution which means it… Continue reading

Cosmo Super Blogger Masterclass

This Monday I was lucky enough to be able to attend the Cosmopolitan Super Blogger Masterclass in Westminster. It was a conference with a fantastic panel of established bloggers, industry experts and Cosmo… Continue reading

On comparing ourselves to other people. (especially Beyoncé)

I spend a lot of my time being kinda sad that I’m not Beyoncé. The saddest thing about that sentence is how it’s absolutely one hundred percent true. (and also by ‘a lot… Continue reading

New Space

I’m moving house! It’s like I’m an adult or something. What a ridiculous notion. I’m happily planning my new bedroom and am using Pinterest to brainstorm ideas. I’m pretty sure that I’m just… Continue reading

Valentine’s Day Mini Cards

Valentine’s Day is nearly here. Probably the most celebrated ‘Hallmark holiday’ of all time, it’s still nice to share the love, without buying into the commercial hype (not that I’m at all averse… Continue reading

DIY – Six easy ways to upcycle glass jars…

I always have loads of empty jars lying around, and at Christmas I used metallic spray paint to decorate a couple to store my pens and makeup brushes. Since then I have continued… Continue reading


As of this morning, I am officially free of Exams! I get a bit worked up around exam and revision time, and tend to spend hours at a time either revising, or else… Continue reading


Exciting news reveal! How exciting. I’m going to hand over now, I had to do a lot of wheedling and have several severe words to wangle this for you, so enjoy 😉 Now I know… Continue reading

Eight kids and counting…

Sounds like the title of a controversial documentary, right ? Actually, I am referring to the Bell family. The Bell family is an extraordinary group of children, all of whom have been adopted… Continue reading


Hello there, long time no see and all that. I won’t apologise for my recent lack of posts. Any posts posted over the past few weeks would have been entirely composed of non-cheery… Continue reading

On the Sixth day of Christmas

“Ugh, do you remember when she used to write funny posts about coffee?” Rude. But yes I do remember. Oh happy days, when the antics of my customers made me mildly amused, instead… Continue reading

On the Fifth Day of Christmas

Happy Twelfth Night! It’s so very awkward that I haven’t finished my twelve days of Christmas… Five gold things Sometimes I think that five good things everyday is a good amount of good… Continue reading

On the Fourth day of Christmas

Four Little Words… The unspeakable sadness, the terrible loneliness, is it any wonder that they spend their time all huddled together, talking, drinking, with loud music filling the air? Lighting cigarettes, drinking coffee,… Continue reading

On the Third Day of Christmas…

HAPPY NEW YEAR! {Three Semi-Resolutions} I know I should be on about the seventy second day of Christmas right now, but I’m slow. Which is why my first resolution this New Year is not… Continue reading

On the First Day of Christmas…

One Perfectly formed Italian Man… named David.  I love aeroplanes. If you don’t, you should, and if you still don’t , you should read The Lost Girl by D.H.Lawrence. Imagine how much easier life… Continue reading

Sports Day

My train is severely delayed. Due to ice. I don’t want to be too harsh on the train companies, seeing as they are my primary method of travel, but surely, in a country… Continue reading

Awkward Coffee moments

While working on the cafe today it became uncomfortably apparent that our chef was sick. At first I thought he was just hungover – he is nineteen after all, and refused to give… Continue reading

Chapter Two – The Package

I got a Pretty Exciting parcel in the mail on Friday…. A brand new Sprocket Rocket camera from Lomography and two flashes! I also got some film and some Lomo bags.    … Continue reading


The lunch hour is strictly for business; suited and booted commuters returning for lunch meetings and terse exchanges over coffee. In the corner an old Parisian lady, who has lost none of her… Continue reading

Brasenose, Oxford, England, Earth, The Milky Way, The Universe

I went to visit Baby #2 in Oxford over the weekend which was really lovely. Oxford is so beautiful and historical, yet there is no reverence or reserve surrounding the city. The Students,… Continue reading

Phil, and some charming elderly people.

Phil (SLING) has developed a worrying limp. I’m starting to think he may not be cut out to be Indiana Jones at all. Then again, he has probably avoided death on countless occasions, so… Continue reading


Just a quick note to say that I can now blog from my fancy schmancy new phone! (Which I was very very lucky to have passed on to me 🙂 ) Exciting stuff!… Continue reading

Until the very end.

I have thus far resisted talking about Harry Potter on my blog. No Longer!  Harry Potter is good. It just is. As a member of the Harry Potter generation, I grew up with Harry, Ron and… Continue reading


ZOMBIE HORROR CAMP WAS INSANE. I don’t know what I was expecting but there were tunnels and scenes of apocalypse and bouncy castles and cocktails and see saws and undead people playing the… Continue reading

October is the cruellest month

Winter is disagreeable to me. While most people go into raptures about layers and hot chocolate and mittens and snow, I spend the months from October through February being confused, ill prepared and peeved.… Continue reading

She’s Pretty… Pretty Vacant.

Welcome to the Zooniverse! So, WordPress just asked me to write a bit about myself and I wrote the word ‘No’. Oh well, I promise to be more expansive in the future. So exhaustingly expansive… Continue reading