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As of this morning, I am officially free of Exams! I get a bit worked up around exam and revision time, and tend to spend hours at a time either revising, or else… Continue reading


Exciting news reveal! How exciting. I’m going to hand over now, I had to do a lot of wheedling and have several severe words to wangle this for you, so enjoy 😉 Now I know… Continue reading

Eight kids and counting…

Sounds like the title of a controversial documentary, right ? Actually, I am referring to the Bell family. The Bell family is an extraordinary group of children, all of whom have been adopted… Continue reading


Hello there, long time no see and all that. I won’t apologise for my recent lack of posts. Any posts posted over the past few weeks would have been entirely composed of non-cheery… Continue reading

On the Sixth day of Christmas

“Ugh, do you remember when she used to write funny posts about coffee?” Rude. But yes I do remember. Oh happy days, when the antics of my customers made me mildly amused, instead… Continue reading

On the Fifth Day of Christmas

Happy Twelfth Night! It’s so very awkward that I haven’t finished my twelve days of Christmas… Five gold things Sometimes I think that five good things everyday is a good amount of good… Continue reading

On the Fourth day of Christmas

Four Little Words… The unspeakable sadness, the terrible loneliness, is it any wonder that they spend their time all huddled together, talking, drinking, with loud music filling the air? Lighting cigarettes, drinking coffee,… Continue reading

On the Third Day of Christmas…

HAPPY NEW YEAR! {Three Semi-Resolutions} I know I should be on about the seventy second day of Christmas right now, but I’m slow. Which is why my first resolution this New Year is not… Continue reading

On the Second Day of Christmas…

Two (Hundred) cushions, and a mild case of textile-anxiety-disorder… This Christmas I decided to save money by hand making presents. I figured that if I couldn’t be generous with my money, I could… Continue reading

On the First Day of Christmas…

One Perfectly formed Italian Man… named David.  I love aeroplanes. If you don’t, you should, and if you still don’t , you should read The Lost Girl by D.H.Lawrence. Imagine how much easier life… Continue reading