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An Hour in the Café, closing time.

It’s almost as if the chef thinks I’m forgetful. “I’m going on my break at six, okay?” Yes, yes, I nod distractedly and carry on dealing with the huge queue of customers that… Continue reading


Caffeine. Or, to correctly paraphrase most of my customers; CAFFEINEEEEE! For some people, caffeine seems to be essential to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, and things can get pretty ugly when… Continue reading

Sports Day

My train is severely delayed. Due to ice. I don’t want to be too harsh on the train companies, seeing as they are my primary method of travel, but surely, in a country… Continue reading

Awkward Coffee moments

While working on the cafe today it became uncomfortably apparent that our chef was sick. At first I thought he was just hungover – he is nineteen after all, and refused to give… Continue reading


The lunch hour is strictly for business; suited and booted commuters returning for lunch meetings and terse exchanges over coffee. In the corner an old Parisian lady, who has lost none of her… Continue reading

Phil, and some charming elderly people.

Phil (SLING) has developed a worrying limp. I’m starting to think he may not be cut out to be Indiana Jones at all. Then again, he has probably avoided death on countless occasions, so… Continue reading

An Hour in the Café, 9-11am

Hot on the heels of the last commuters come the ‘Yummy Mummies’. Or, as they should be more properly labelled; “Mummies: Assorted – some yummy”. In they come, in small herds, fresh from… Continue reading

An Hour in the Café, 8-9am

Although a relatively simple premise, the promise of coffee or cake, or perhaps a sandwich and a seasonally flavoured latté, is enough to attract the great spectrum of human life. The first, and… Continue reading