Super Simple Gift Guide

I’ve always enjoyed picking out gifts, and over the years my incessant lists of what I’m planning to buy my loved ones must have filled several notebooks, the backs of many coffee receipts, and all the margins of my school textbooks. Picking out gifts is fun, but it’s not always easy, and more and more I’m trying hard to choose gifts that the recipient will truly love and use for many years to come (or at least until next Christmas!)

With that in mind, I’ve been making notes over the last month or so of gifts that I would love to give this Christmas, or things that I have bought for myself and loved. This means that my gift guide this year is a little simpler (and a little more girly, sorry guys!), but I really hope that it will give you some inspiration if you’re still struggling to find a perfect gift for somebody on your list.

Screen Shot 2015-12-11 at 1.46.49 pm

1: ‘Le Chat’ Pocket tee and ‘Let’s Avocuddle’ tee,  £18, here and £22 here 2: Graphic Scarf, £12.99, here 3: Gold detail phone cases, £25, here and here 4: House of Holland Next Level Nude false nails, £8, here 5: Faux Septum Ring, £8, here 6: Coin Necklace, £6.50, here 7: Hip Flask, £8, here 8: Fur pom pom key ring, £6, here 9: Humans of New York book, £10, here  10: Snowman and Snow dog chocolate figure, £8, here 11: Moleskine classic journal, £17.50, here 12: Bando Sweet Talk pens, £12, here 13: MAIINK Gold Tattoos, Venice Collection, £9.99, here

I am so in love with those false nails (4), and even though I can’t wear them because I’ve taken up rock climbing this year (boo), they’ve really set the tone for my gift guide – simple, beautiful and useful. I’m really, really tempted to buy everybody on my list that gorgeous faux septum ring (5) too,  because everybody should have the chance to feel like a majestic warrior princess, even if they don’t want a needle shoved through part of their face (although I can’t recommend it enough), and after following the Humans of New York Instagram account all year, I know that Brandon’s photos, and the accompanying stories from real New Yorkers, would be a great gift for almost anyone. This year I began carrying a beautiful Moleskine journal around with me (11), I love it so much that I’ve already picked up another for one lucky person on my list, and I know that those sweet Bando pens (12) would be the perfect addition, I just can’t handle how cute they are!

I hope you find something special in this little collection, or at least that you’ve got some good ideas for beautiful gifts your loved ones will use and cherish all year.

For more inspiration, you can check out my gift guides from last year here and here, and if in doubt, give books! I’ll be doing a whole blog post on the thousands of reasons why a book is the perfect gift for everybody on your list, so stay tuned!

PV x