Halloween (Part One)

Despite the fact that I can’t bear to read or watch anything scarier than an episode of Doctor Who (and some of those are a bit too much for me, if we’re being totally honest), I somehow got talked into going to a ‘Fright Night’ at Thorpe Park to kick start our Halloween celebrations this year.

This post is mainly going to be photos – I just love Halloween too much, #sorrynotsorry




I really, really can’t tell you how apprehensive I was about this whole thing – I had nightmares about the horror mazes for weeks beforehand, and was pretty reluctant to go right up until the day, when Chelsey promised to do some zombie makeup for me and we started raiding our wardrobes for last minute skeleton costumes. Then I was all in. Dressing up for Halloween is my absolute favourite thing to do, and if I was going to pass out from pure fear in a horror maze, at least I could do it dressed as some kind of badass zombie skeleton 😉







We had to travel to Staines (where Thorpe Park is located) via Waterloo station, and nobody even batted an eyelid as we made our way there on the tube. Just one more reason why I love London – you can dress as a zombie and nobody cares, but stand on the left hand side of the escalator and you’re public enemy number one 😉





“Hey guys, I’m gonna go ahead and take a photo of you walking through the ticket barriers.” … “Because it will look totally badass and amazing” … “Do a zombie face” … “No, do a ‘I’m scary but I’m a model on the weekends’ zombie face” … “Guys, you have to walk through at the same time” … “AT THE SAME TIME” … “No, they’re only staring because they’re jealous of how amazing you look” … “Okay I’ll stop” … “Okay just pose here and then I’ll stop”…





The park was taken over by the horror mazes, including this terrifying circus tent which was apparently ‘for kids’ (honestly I’m terrified of the kids that would willingly walk into this thing), but all the normal rides were running so we hit up the biggest ones (which also have badly lit, winding queue lines which had me jumping at every shadow) and then went to KFC. Honestly, it was so fun just running around the park like a big kid again. We used to come here a lot in the summer when I was a teenager, and I got a big kick out of riding everything after dark, although I did spend the whole night walking around eyeing absolutely everything I saw with great suspicion, in case it jumped out at me or tried to chase me. #thuglife







For some reason I was particularly suspicious of all the bins, I really, really thought that they were gonna be rigged to surprise me if I went near them. Not sure what was going through my head but I must have looked pretty funny running in fear from all the bins.


It was such a good night, and I survived the whole thing – next year I might even try and go inside one of the horror mazes 😉

Plenty more halloween goodness to come! PV x