Gallery Wall

Due to an unfortunate incident this week which led to me being crouched in a minuscule tunnel for four hours (I’m an extra in a play, and it’s a very long story but actually it was kinda fun), I have basically lost the use of my upper leg muscles. Everybody in my house knows when I’m on my way downstairs for breakfast because I can be heard screaming hysterically with every step.

My sudden inability to run downstairs to make cups of tea, sandwiches and elaborate salads every five minutes meant that I finally finished up my gallery wall and I’m so happy with how it turned out.

I used plain black frames from Ikea and command strips so that I didn’t have to nail anything to the wall (my landlady is a terrifying and confusing woman).



Most of the posters and photos are things that I made and printed at home, and I especially like the chunkier frames for older or smaller photos that can’t be enlarged that much.


Luckily this wall is the one right above my bed so I was able to assemble it all without the use of my legs…

Okay, I’m being dramatic but it really was easy to put together. It’s such a good way to fill up a big empty wall, and I love that I’ll be able to pull the frames down and switch out the prints and posters if I ever get tired of them (or if I ever think of anything just as subtle and witty to put on that post-it note 😉 )

PV x

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