‘This is so sick guys, I’m totally going to blog about this’

– Something I actually said this weekend

East London is my baby. I’ve said again and again (and again) how much I love this place but this weekend I found a whole new  part of Shoreditch to fall madly in love with. (Kind of like when you have a child and you don’t think you could ever love anything as much as you love that child, and then you have another child and there’s a whole new depth of love. Yeah, this is exactly like that)


Even though it’s definitely jacket and scarf weather, the Dinerama food market feels like summer all over again. Located opposite the ‘Let us Adore and Endure each other’ mural in Hoxton, just off Liverpool St, the market offers the most incredible street food, and upstairs on the terrace there are three bars (three different ways to drink tequila), and plenty of Instagram opportunities.


Ben and I headed straight for the bar while Nirah and Ted came back with plates of the most amazing looking food – steamed buns stuffed with prawns and crispy chicken, sweet potato chips with pulled pork poutine, and macaroni and cheese with fresh crab meat.

IMG_5835 IMG_5902

I spent a long time wandering around trying to choose between all of the incredible food (everything from barbecued meats to sea food to pasta, japanese food, burgers, ice cream and tacos) and in the end I tried a veggie steamed bun (with mushroom and walnuts) and a huge portion of sweet potato chips. It was so so good.

u IMG_5866

My favourite was the ‘you doughnut’ stall where you could buy a cup of bitesize doughnuts covered with salted caramel or white chocolate sauce. There’s something about eating doughnuts as the sun sets on a roof somewhere in East London which makes you feel like you just might have made it.

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From Hoxton, there are about a million different places you could go to drink or dance but we decided to keep it simple and went right around the corner to the Drunken Monkey for cocktails, Japanese beer and a proper #EastLondon Saturday night.

Dinerama is open until the 4th of October so get down there while you can!

The Drunken Monkey is obviously open year round but I also recommend getting down there, like, right now, because they serve Dim Sum and cocktails, the bartenders are always super sweet and friendly and their happy hour is so good – 4 beers for £10 or cocktails for £4.50 – you really can’t go wrong.

PV x

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