Vietnam – Mekong Delta

Abi (my sister) joined us in Vietnam just under a week ago and we had the best time running around Ho Chi Minh, eating loads of Pho, making her listen to our funny anecdotes again  and again and just enjoying each other’s company after so long apart. Before Kati flew back to England (sad face) we decided to take a trip down the Mekong Delta (the very south end of Vietnam, where the Mekong river diverges into lots of small tributaries before it meets the sea). We didn’t want to traipse around in a big group of tourists but the private tour options were very expensive, so we compromised with a friendly little tour, stayed in a homestay for one night and spent two amazing days on the river. 

My travel insomnia has kicked in big time and you probably don’t want to hear my grumpy and confused ramblings (I’m working on getting more sleep so I can function like a normal human being!) but in the mean time I really wanted to at least share some photos from the last couple of days.



        We’ve just arrived in Ha Noi and we absolutely love it, so more updates soon! 

PV x