The Breakfast Club – revisited

Remember the last time I went to The Breakfast Club I said that I’d definitely have to make a point to try out all the different locations? Well, I’ve tried out a couple more since then (for the purposes of science, obviously), and I think that the Liverpool Street (Spitalfields) restaurant might just be my favourite.


The little yellow door is tucked away down an alleyway, and it’s easy to miss if you don’t know what you’re looking for. Luckily, I work (or, I should say, used to work!) right down the street, so I’m an expert at leading friends and family to this little slice of breakfast heaven.

Technically, The Breakfast Club is open all day, serving burgers and sandwiches after 12noon, but I think there’s something extra special about going out for breakfast – whether it’s in preparation for a big day, to recover from a big night, or just to celebrate the fact that avocado and chorizo on sourdough toast might be the tastiest thing you have ever or will ever eat.


Aside from the avocado-chorizo combo the best thing about this particular Breakfast Club is that it is home to a speakeasy – and in the late afternoon visitors who ask ‘to see the mayor’ will be ushered through a door (disguised as the door to an old fashioned smeg fridge, seen in the picture above) and can continue the fun in The Mayor of Scaredy Cat Town – a basement bar serving up unusual cocktails and handfuls of Shoreditch charm (not technically in Shoreditch, but it’s so Shoreditch) I haven’t actually been ‘behind the fridge’ so I can’t tell you any more about the Mayor or his Cat – but I’m hoping to venture down there soon (perhaps for my birthday!) so I’ll make sure I report back (and I’ll make sure to sample breakfast again – for scientific purposes, of course).

IMG_0457 IMG_0456

Now – it’s time to order your food. This, my friend, won’t be easy, it won’t be painless, but it will be worth it. Whether you emerge with Pancakes and Maple Syrup (add bacon for the best pancake experience of your life) or go all out with the All American (you won’t need to eat for the rest of the week),  you’ll leave feeling full and happy, and ready to take on the day. I went with my friends Ben and Hannah (their pretty little faces are pictured above) and Ben had the pulled pork sandwich while Hannah and I shared an All American (and it was more than enough for us!) Then, because Ben and I are bartenders, we obviously had to check out the drinks menu. Because we’re bartenders. Not for any other reason … 😉


That being said, if you’re having breakfast or brunch, don’t feel like you can’t sample The Breakfast Club’s fantastic range of high quality spirits. They offer a ‘morning mojito’ (so no reason to feel embarrassed about drinking in the morning), and their plain ol’ sprits and mixers can’t be beaten on price. Sipsmith’s Gin with Fevertree tonic definitely makes indulging in a double G&T at eleven am seem a lot more classy, just saying.

IMG_0464 IMG_0484

If you’re in the area, why not wander through Old Spitalfields Market and onto Brick Lane – it’s honestly one of my favourite parts of London and will keep you entertained all day. I recently found myself telling a friend that ‘Shoreditch is my spiritual home’ which might be a bit melodramatic, but, it’s well worth exploring it properly once you’ve got a good breakfast in your stomach!

PV x

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