white on white on white

This summer I’m moving into a new house in London, and I cannot wait to get started decorating a fresh new place.

Last time we moved I was all about the colour – I wanted lots of bright yellows, golds and peachy pinks, and I was desperate for a room filled with natural light, quirky details and lots and lots of glitter. I absolutely love my room, but this year I want to change it up a bit.Screen Shot 2015-04-27 at 10.40.26 pmI’m still all about the natural light, but I want to take the colour scheme right back to basics with lots of neutral colours, and be very careful about the colours I bring in – I don’t want it to get too crazy and end up looking cluttered!

I know I’m a big ol’ hoarder but I’m also trying to let go of the things that I really no longer need, and moving will be the perfect time to go through all the clothes, shoes and just stuff that I’ve been holding on to for way too long. Hopefully I can move into my new room with lots of things I love, and not way too much stuff that I’m not mad about.Screen Shot 2015-04-27 at 10.40.47 pm

I know this might sound a bit strange, but I think in the new house I’m going to choose to have my mattress on the floor, rather than on a bed frame. Although this isn’t a conventional choice, I’m hoping it will make my bed feel cosier and a little less dominant in the room, especially if my new bedroom is a small one. To add some structure (and so I can feel like a fancy princess every time I go to bed) I’m going to try and hang a canopy of sheer white fabric around the bed. I’m not quite sure how I’m going to assemble it without using any nails or screws, but I’m sure I’ll find a way. It’s going to be so cosy and magical.Gallery Wall 2 (Image)At the moment the ‘gallery wall’ next to my desk is just a big collection of photos and mementos taped to my wall with washi tape. I love it, but to give my room a bit more cohesion this time around, I’m going to try and hang frames, with a mix of precious photographs, quotes and favourite artwork (I’m such a grown up, look at me with my framed artwork).Screen Shot 2015-04-27 at 10.41.32 pmI’m excited to get started! Moving in is always such a crazy process but I absolutely love getting a fresh new place to make my own.

Now, if somebody else could just call up these sixteen estate agents, I’ll be right over here on Pinterest picking out shelves 😉

PV x

The sources for these images and more can be found on my Pinterest, here.