February Goals

Last week all I wanted to do was lie in bed with the lights off and never ever ever get up. It’s days like these that I’m thankful I have things like jobs and lectures to get up and go to, because little else would compel me to actually drag myself out of bed and face the world.

My housemates also don’t appreciate my hibernation, and popping in to my room at 3pm for a chat and finding me curled up smugly under my duvet in the dark has led them to dragging me out of bed and into the world of the humans more than once this week 😉

Sometimes life just trips you over, right?

No matter – time to make a plan (plans are, like, my fourth favourite thing after sandwiches, curse words and my sister). I’m ready for February! Are you?

Screen Shot 2015-02-01 at 02.59.55 pm

I’ve actually set this image as my phone background so I’ll have a constant little reminder of what’s really important to me this month!

These mini ‘goals’ are all hopefully going to help me achieve some of the things I set as my Resolutions this year, as well as being big, positive steps to help me gain a bit of momentum.


1/ Make Travel Plans. If there’s something that really gets me excited to grab life by the throat (that sounds really violent – is that what people say? What am I supposed to grabbing life by?!) it’s making plans to travel. There’s a big old world out there! This month I hope to lock down my plans (flights, hostels, serious stuff!) so I have good things to look forward to. You know I love London to death but right now I’m dreaming of being anywhere but England.


2/ Finish London/52. I was supposed to finish my ’52 new places in London’ challenge right at the beginning of January, but I don’t mind stretching it out a wee bit longer. I’m up to number 44 on the blog, but I’ve been to a couple of places recently that I didn’t end up blogging about, so I actually only have about five more places to go before I make it to fifty two! I hope to get them all done this month so I can finish up this project and head on to the next one! (Although I’ve absolutely loved exploring and writing about my beautiful home, so my next project will probably involve a lot of London love as well!)


3/ Get Social! I’m so busy with work and uni, I sometimes forget that there are people on the outside of duvet den who I’d quite like to talk to! Okay, I’m kidding, but on crazy busy weeks, especially because I work at a bar which is a pretty social space anyway, I end up saying no to invites because I’m just so tired or because I just want to spend some time alone. This month I’m saying no to hibernating under my duvet and yes to getting out with my buddies. It’s not like the bags under my eyes could get any bigger anyway (;

lemongrass chicken-1026

4/ Create Something. I love being busy, but I do miss having time to do little DIY projects for my room, or experiment with craft ideas from Pinterest. This month I’m going to try and set aside some proper time and complete of the many many project ideas I’ve been saving for ‘when I have time’. I think I’m going to make something with my sewing machine because (I know, I sound like a very old lady) sewing is my first love when it comes to crafting and I’m excited to create something really cool! (Okay, maybe not cool, maybe cool is not the right word…) Plus – it’s Valentines’ month, and you know how much I enjoy spreading the hand-sewn love!


PV x

None of these lovely photos were taken by me! For all original photo sources, please see my Pinterest.