January Favourites – 2015

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January is almost over (we did January!! Someone pour this girl a mojito, we absolutely smashed it!) it’s been a month full of fresh starts, late nights, cold days (and nights!) and lots and lots of hope for the New Year (and lots of frustration, desperation and all that fun January stuff…)

I wanted to share a big bunch of my favourites this month – so here we go!

1:When we got told two weeks ago that we had to tackle the huge novel ‘Middlemarch’ in a little over a fortnight, I decided to download it as an audiobook so I could listen on the bus and on the go. It was thirty-five hours long (!) and I’m so glad I had the option to listen while I was walking to and from work, while I was doing my makeup in the morning, or just while I had a spare two minutes during the day. The Audible app was so easy to use, and I could even choose to speed up the narration by 1.5x, which brought my rather sedate narrator up to my speed and knocked a couple of hours off my listening time! Audible ordinarily costs £7.99 per month, but you can get a one-month free trial as well as a free audiobook here.

2:I got given this lovely Honey lip balm by Burt’s Bees for Christmas (thanks Emily!) and I think it’s my favourite yet! I know I’m always raving about these products but this one deserves a special mention – the formula is so creamy and moisturising and it smells great! Another old favourite – Aussie shampoo and conditioner – has been doing wonders for my hair this month, I’m especially loving their ‘Aussome Volume’ collection to give my hair a bit of a lift in the winter months. Plus it smells amazing! Makes me want to rub my hair all over my face (but that’s probably just me).

Honey Lip Balm, £3.69, here and Aussie hair products, £4.69, here.

3:With all the Christmas indulgence, and being away from my normal routine, my skin had really started to suffer at the beginning of the month, and I turned to my trusty Botanics products to help out. The mattifying cleanser is a great addition to a daily routine. I try and wash my face every night, but, well, let’s say I wash my face at least four times a week with this stuff… three at the minimum, definitely twice at the very least. Paired with the Botanics exfoliant, which I tend to use in the shower, I really believe it’s helped. I’ve also been drinking Dr Stuart’s skin purifying tea. I don’t want you all to laugh at me for believing in the power of tea, but, well, this tea tastes amazing and it’s full of good stuff, it must be doing something right!

Botanics mattifying cleanser, £2.66, here and exfoliant £1.99, here. Dr Stuart’s Skin Purify tea, £2.29, here.

4:A couple of weeks ago I was coming home from work at four in the morning in the pouring rain. By the time I got in I was soaked through and my shoes and socks were absolutely drenched. I felt pretty sorry for myself and crawled into bed like a little drowned rat. It was time to dig out my good winter shoes. These black Red or Dead boots are so warm and comfy, and well worth the investment – my other shoes had holes in the soles so they were definitely in need of replacement! Pair them with thick socks to keep yourself warm and toasty for the winter!

Camo Socks, £6, here. Boots, £55, here (don’t forget your student discount).

5:I recently saw an incredible production of Titus Andronicus performed by students at my University. It was funny and scary and sad and horrifying and as well as the amazing talent of the cast and crew, the genius of Shakespeare’s script impressed me so much. I really want to re-read the script, and I’m interested in searching out some more of the less-well-known plays. Titus was such a revelation – and seeing it performed so perfectly (can you tell I was really impressed by it? haha) was enough to make it one of my new favourites by the old bard.

Titus Andronicus, and The Winter’s Tale, here and here.

6:Last of all, a quick look at my beauty favourites from this month. I bought the Naked 2 palette on sale before Christmas and it’s the only thing I’ve used since I bought it! If you like neutral shades that can be dressed up into a sparkly smokey eye, it could be the only palette you’ll need. The shadows are really pigmented and last well, it lives up to the hype! The Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation is another favourite with beauty bloggers, and it’s the perfect, lightweight, brightening solution to my dreary winter skin. I love it – it makes me feel so much more confident just to be able to lightly cover blemishes and hide my huge dark circles! This travel sized Ted Baker body spray has also found a permanent place in my handbag – it’s great for a quick spritz on the go – and it makes me feel so fancy to just have another quick spray of perfume before a lunch meeting or a coffee date (not that I go on either of those but, with this perfume – I could 😉 )

Naked 2 Palette, £37, here, Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation, £8.99, here and Ted Baker Spray, £2.50, here.

A long, long list this month! I hope you found something to interest or inspire you – congratulations on surviving January! If you can do that, the rest of the months are gonna be a doddle – you got this, I promise. Now go and have a nap or a dance party or do some free yoga – you deserve it ❤

PV x

p.s. it’s been a whole year since my first January favourites! Check it out here. I’m still loving all those things – one-year-ago-me definitely knew what was up.