Time to Shine!

Okay, so the Christmas haze is over, you’ve seen in the New Year, you’re probably back at work, back in the real world, and the new year enthusiasm is already sort of wearing off? Well shake off those January blues and get ready to get excited – now is the time to get ready for the best year ever!

hell yeah

– Make your battle plan!

The best thing about the New Year is getting a brand new diary, right? Well, maybe that’s just me, but now is definitely the time to get your plan on – and take a look at the year ahead. Once you’ve filled in all of the major stuff – holiday time, exam schedules, birthdays and appointments, you can start looking at any free time you might have, and start dreaming about travelling, visiting loved ones, or taking on big projects that you’ve been saving for when you have time.

Why not also take a look at your resolutions and make plans for how you’re going to move towards them. What are you going to do every day, week, or month to get you closer to your goals? I’m trying to get back into the kitchen this year and eat, shop and cook more healthily. So every day, I’m going to set aside time to cook, every week I’m going to set aside time to plan and shop for my meals, and every month I’m going to review my progress and search for more recipe inspiration. I know that in reality commitments, work and essays will inevitably get in the way, but returning to a small daily or weekly goal will be much easier than feeling like I’ve gone off track with my whole year! I’m definitely an organisation kind of person, so I’ve made endless lists of goals and plans, and it’s making me feel super excited about making these positive changes. You might find that you can go through this in your head without writing anything down (you strange unnatural creature), but make sure you spend some time planning – those resolutions aren’t going to keep themselves!

To help you out, why not search the sales or treat yourself to a new diary or a nice big journal so you can keep everything you need in one place? These two options are both from Paperchase – they look gorgeous and they offer lots of space to make big plans!

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Above: Here and here

I received the gold desk journal from Rob for Christmas this year and I’ve found it so helpful. I’ll be back to share how I’ve been planning and organising the things that normally get on top of me – and I’ll definitely let you know what’s worked for me! (Are you excited about planning yet? I honestly think I am the only person in the world to get this excited about planning, but you never know until you’ve tried – you too could be a closet planner enthusiast 😉 )


PV x