2015 – Bring. It. On

Mmmm I know it’s so awful and cliché, but I absolutely love the New Year. It just feels like the best fresh start ever! It’s an excuse to get a brand new diary and write super neatly on the first page, an excuse to kinda re evaluate and reinvent yourself, and a time to feel like you can see all the opportunities of the New Year opening up in front of you. It’s freakin’ awesome. It’s also a great time to have some drinks, hug your friends and generally get happy to celebrate all of the good times from your year.


I’ve already reinvented myself as a green-tea drinking yoga-doing super-organised organic food kinda gal and so far I am absolutely loving it. Green tea is actually the best thing ever, you guys. I haven’t done any yoga yet or eaten any organic food but, you know, I’m working on it. Can’t wait.

New Year’s Eve has always been sort of a massive disappointment for me. I mean, I’ve had some lovely lovely times with friends and family but there always seems to be so much pressure to be in the right place at the right time for that magic-midnight-madness and it was a massive stress for me. This year we decided to keep it super simple and Rob and I, along with my beloved housemates, headed down to the über cool East London cocktail bar where my housemate Tom works, Apples and Pears. We had amazing drinks and good times. (I’m going to be writing a blog post specifically about Apples and Pears for my London/52 project so stay tuned!)

IMG_9433 IMG_9416 IMG_9410 IMG_9445

The next day, 2015 started off in the best possible way with brunch at The Breakfast Club, and since then I’ve been making big plans for the year, googling ‘TimeOut Tokyo’ (Yes! This might be happening!), looking up cycle hire in Amsterdam (definitely happening), and drinking lots and lots of green tea (if anything, I’ve been way too good at keeping my green-tea resolution)

Lots of love for your new year – make it the best one ever, you can do it!

PV x


ps. I now tweet my thoughts on Twitter as @prettyvacantpea. I’m not very good at tweeting yet, as I feel the character limit cripples my creative voice, but, I’m working on it 😉