DIY – Leather wallets


Let me say right away ‘Leather Wallets’ is probably a bit of a fancy term for these lil’ guys. Maybe leather pouches? Or little card envelopes? I’m going to be keeping my store cards and gift cards in mine, and there’s even a little slot for your oyster card, so I guess they are little card wallets really. Either way, I think they’re a really nice gift, and relatively easy to put together! If you want to make your own little pouches as gifts this year (they would be the perfect way to give a gift card or other small items, and also work well by themselves!) here’s how I did it…

First, I gathered my supplies –

Gold Pleather (I bought mine on Amazon before I even knew I was doing this project, I just really, really needed some gold faux leather, y’know? I did this project because I also needed a way to use the massive amount of material I bought, ha)

Scissors or a Rotary Cutter (I actually bought a rotary cutter for this project because I know I’ll use it again, but scissors would work just as well!)

Poppers and Tool Kit (I bought a set of poppers together with the handheld tools you can use to hammer them on with for under £5 from Amazon. I have loads left over so now I can put poppers on everything!)

Template (I used this template which is from the Martha Stewart version of this DIY)

Let’s get started!

1- Print out or trace your template, and cut around it. Fold up the paper into the envelope shape, just to make sure it’s the right size for a gift card (or your oyster card, etc…) to fit inside, and then trace it onto the back of the faux leather.


2- Cut around the template, and then fold the leather into the envelope shape by folding in the left and right side, the bottom and finally the top. Press down on these folds so that you can see where you need to sew for the next part.


3- If you want to add a pocket on the back (for an oyster card or another frequently reached for card), cut out a rectangle of leather larger than a standard sized card, and make sure it will fit nicely onto the back of your pouch once it’s folded up.

IMG_8683 IMG_8899

4- Place your rectangle onto the back of the pouch and pin carefully (I didn’t want to pin because I was worried about leaving pinholes in the leather, but I just couldn’t get the lines straight unless I pinned it down really securely – luckily the pin holes are barely noticeable). Use a sewing machine (you could also hand sew!) to sew down three sides (leaving the top open! I know that you would never be silly enough to sew up all four sides, but, I was, so I just thought I’d mention it 😉 )

IMG_8909 IMG_8901

5- Now you’re all done with your little oyster pocket (a stroke of genius if I do say so myself), simply fold up your envelope, leaving the top open, and get ready to add your poppers.


I bought the scary kit where you have to hammer lots of things, and if you have the same kit, then I found this youtube tutorial really helpful (I watched it about twenty five times with my face about two inches from the screen trying to understand what was going on), but I eventually got the hang of it and hammered on the poppers, starting with the bottom one, which I used to secure the left, right and bottom sides of the envelope together. This is why you don’t have to do any sewing to actually put the pouch together – this popper does all the work for you! Just be extra careful when lining up the sides before you put your popper on – I used a pin to mark a tiny hole where I needed the centre of the popper to be before getting started with that most precise of tools – the hammer.

The top popper goes on in much the same way, and then you’re done! You have a lovely gold card wallet, ready to fill with goodies (or sweet letters or a tiny card) and give away to your buddies.

IMG_8914 IMG_8918

I kept the wonkiest of my lovely creations for myself – and have been using it so much. It’s actually so, so useful – I had a very tatty plastic oyster card wallet which I was using for my most used cards – and that tatty old thing was always in my mouth as my hands always seem to be full of stuff. It was probably really gross, so this natty lil’ guy is going to help me out big time – it’s way too pretty to risk getting bite marks on it! It’s also great for popping into a tiny clutch bag if you’re going on a night out and don’t want to haul along your whole wallet. I hope you give this a go and find them really useful! Don’t forget they would make perfect last minute gifts if you’re still working your way through your ‘nice’ list!

PV x