DIY Christmas Table Runner


We’re midway through December and that means it’s nearly time for our Sunset Strip mini-Christmas! As Imogen is going to be taking on the huge task of cooking a roast for five people (in a tiny kitchen!) and completely bossing it – I thought that I would bring something to the table that doesn’t rely on my awful cooking skills!

Inspired by this gorgeous picture on Pinterest, I decided to make a very simple table-runner to compliment all that amazing food.


Source: here

I used some plain white fabric for the table runner – but if you want yours to be more durable or washable than mine, it might be worth looking into something a little sturdier. That being said, I plan to cover mine with a clear plastic tablecloth if it’s in any danger of spills or stains, and the rest of the time use it as more decorative than functional.


First, cut your fabric to the length and double the width that you want your finished runner to be. A little longer than the table is ideal so that it drapes nicely at both ends, with enough width to write your text. This done, I laid it out on top of some cardboard, and then got to work stamping the gold star design. I simply cut a few differently sized stars from craft foam, affixed them to a flat surface (I use a glass baking dish so that I can see where I’m stamping), then used gold metallic paint to cover the material in stars. I had them grouped randomly and overlapping in some places so they looked nice and constellation-y.

IMG_8976 IMG_8983

After stamping, I let the material dry and then got out my sewing machine for the next step. For this bit, you’re going to be sewing the material as if you were making a pillow case. Fold it in half along the longest edge, with the pattern on the inside- and then sew around the three open edges, leaving a small gap in one side.

Tie off, and then use the gap to turn the material right-side out again. This should leave you with a nice double-layered piece of fabric with tidy edges. Ta-dah!


You could leave your table runner just like this, or add some words for an extra detail. Because I used a simple Sharpie for this bit, I used the little hole I’d left in one of the edges to slip some plain paper inside the runner so that the words did not bleed through onto the back piece of fabric. Mark with pencil first, or get started very carefully with your sharpie. Just be careful – it would be so easy to get your ‘near’ and ‘dear’ swapped around in this quote, and that would be so annoying!


After you’re all finished, remove the paper, sew up the gap and then lay your table ready for festive cheer with your near and dear ones.

I’m excited for our Christmas – I’ll definitely share some photos of our meal and our table. I hope you’ve got lovely plans this week, it’s getting close now!


PV x