Christmas Cards

What’s nicer than a Christmas card? (apart from a Christmas card that’s made of food)

How about a sweet handmade card with a secret punch of glitter and a personal hand delivery service? You got it!


I feel like it’s a bit late in December to be sending out the actual christmas cards (you know, the ones you buy in November and send out to lots of people in your address book), but it’s just about the right time to be thinking about a limited run of special glittery cards to slip in with your christmas gifts or send off to your bestest buds.

I had very, very ambitious plans for these cards and, I’m not gonna lie – I completely failed. But on the bright side I think my super simple hand drawn cards are kind of cute, and make that secret glitter envelope liner even better. I’m totally in love with the glitter, it’s so cool and also really easy – here’s how I put these together…


I bought these plain white envelopes along with plain white pre-folded cards from Amazon, they were really inexpensive and a fantastic investment. (Just don’t ask me for stock market advice any time soon) 😉

I traced the shape of the envelope (with the flap open) and then measured in 7-8mm on all sides to create a shape just smaller than the envelope (I also made it much shorter, so that the glitter insert finishes just below the part where it gets covered up by the front of the envelope. Then simply cut out this shape, and slip it into the envelope, using double sided tape to secure it in the centre of the flap. Close the envelope and crease the lining so it folds easily when the envelope is opened and closed. And you’re done!


For the cards themselves, I kept it super simple with an easy wreath design and some festive lyrics. I know that drawing a design like this might seem hard to do, but keeping it as simple as possible will help – I think that’s half the charm of these cards anyway – and it’s what you write inside that really counts!


PV x