Gift Guide #2

How’s the present-buying going? Really really well? Well I hope you’re doing better than me anyway! It’s so stressful buying gifts – especially gifts for guys, right? What do they want?

Because the perverse little creatures rarely publish gift guides for themselves, I’ve spent a very long time searching the internet for gifts (while casually shopping for myself – most of these gifts are not just for guys!) and I think I’ve managed to come up with a nice selection, and hopefully you’ll be able to find something that fits just right, or at least something that inspires you to find the perfect gift!

Guys 1


Above: 1: Wallet Ninja Multi Tool, £8.99, here 2: Bulldog Skincare Gift Set, £12, here 3: How to swear around the world book, £8.99, here 4: iPad mini case, £12, here 5: Portable Phone Chargers (shaped like milk cartons – how cute is that?), £14.99, here 6: Grow your own chilli kit, £5, here 7: Burgers Recipe book, £7.99, here 8: Gent’s Moustache Wax, £5, here 9: Tight Wallet, £21.99, here

I asked Rob to pick out some stuff from any shop that he would really love and he went straight for the Ninja multitool and the book about how to swear in any language. I will never understand boys. The good news is he also loved the rest of the stuff shown here, so that’s at least one man that’s given this a thumbs up! If my thumbs count for anything here, the portable charger is definitely a useful gift (and really nicely designed), and I’m pretty sure that if you buy somebody a recipe book it means they have to cook you dinner. Not sure, but it’s what I heard…

I feel like if you don’t want to get somebody a gift that they won’t end up loving, the best thing is to find something they’ll want to use everyday. Easier said than done, but something like this clever wallet, or an iPad case (and maybe even the ninja multi tool or a really nice moisturiser), will be a thoughtful gift that ends up getting used all the time (and every time they use it they’ll think of you and what a fantastic friend/daughter/girlfriend/buddy you are. Win-win.)

Guys 2Above: 1: Superman Cufflinks, £10, here 2: Stormtrooper mood light, £14.99, here 3: Social Photography book, £9.99, here 4: Personalised Song Soundwaves print, £25, here 5: Cardboard smartphone projector, £15.99, here 6: iPad mini case, £12, here 7: Moleskine Notebooks pack of 3, £5.99, here 8: To Kill a Mockingbird, £14.29, here 9: Anchor Keyring, £8, here

Got a guy who loves photography? Got you covered! Need a way to say ‘you’re my superman’? Say it with cufflinks! A guy who loves watching youtube videos on his phone? That phone projector is actually so cool (and also useful for sharing photos, films and even ad hoc presentations if you’ve got a really important point to make). I hope this selection has sparked some ideas, and don’t forget it’s the thought that counts, really.

Happy gifting, (and if you really can’t find a present, guys love socks) 😉

PV x