Gift Guide #1

Not long ’til Christmas! If you’re not quite done with your christmas shopping (or if you haven’t even started *slaps wrist*) don’t worry – I’ve got you covered!

For these little gift guides I’ve done my best to choose things which are not only lovely to look at and receive but also genuinely useful, or at least something that your recipient will want to keep around long after the Christmas decorations have gone away. This list is primarily for girls, and I’ve sort of divided it into three parts, but of course – you do you, and I hope these mini guides spark up some inspiration for your own gift giving.

Gift Guide Red & Green jj

Above: 1: Hazel Nicholls Pack of 12 Notecard Set, £13, here 2: Kelly Brook Dark Red and Dark Green Nail Polish, £2.99, here and here 3: Christmas Pudding Purse, £4.99, here 4: This Works Dream Team (natural sleep remedies), £10, here 5: Cooler than everyone else Card, £3, here 6: Heart and Stripe slipper socks, £3.99, here 7: A Christmas Carol, £11.99, here 8: Let it Snow Jumper, £24.99, here 9: Russian Doll Highlighters, £3, here 10: Shimmer Clutch, £16, here 11: Grey Fleece Onesie, £28, here 12: Christmas Pudding Pyjamas, £18, here 13: Benefit Primping with the Stars makeup set, £26.50, here.

I think these gifts are the kind of thing my sister would really, really like. Lots of colourful and cosy fabrics and patterns, and plenty of thoughtful details like that ‘This Works’ set – such a nice gift to make sure your loved ones gets a good night of sleep! The Christmas pudding purse (or the matroyshka highlighters) would be perfect for secret santa or as little stocking stuffers to surprise your buddy (not in an alarming way – in a cute way).

Gift List Gold and Blue jj

Above: 1: Kelly Brook Gold and Silver Nail Polish, £2.99, here and here 2: Ritz Glitz Bay and Amber Candle, £10, here 3: Small gold clutch, £14, here (psst, if you like this check back later in the month for a DIY you’re gonna love!) 4: Ponyhair effect Make-up Bag, £15, here 5: Ponyhair effect Wallet, £10, here 6: Gold Hummingbird Mother of Pearl Earrings, £22.50, here 7: Hologram Makeup Bag, £10, here 8: Jane Eyre, £11.99, here 9: Benefit the Bronze of Champions makeup kit, £26.50, here 10: Hazel Nicholls ‘It’s What’s Inside That Counts’ Canvas Pouch, £19.95, here 11: Neon yellow fountain pen, £16, here 12: Fairisle jumper with collar, £35, here 13: North Pole Dancer T-shirt, £18, here 14: Unicorn Ring Holder, £10, here 15: Pineapple Frame, £12, here

Oooh! All the gold!! Can you tell who I had in mind when I was putting this little collection together? Those Hummingbird earrings are so elegant and even though they’re on the pricey end of this selection, I think they’re really reasonable for such a lovely gift. I think I’ll definitely be gifting that beautiful hard cover copy of Jane Eyre, but I might save the North Pole Dancer t-shirt for myself, it’s so funny I love it. I’m pretty sure any of these things would put a smile on your friends’ faces – you can’t go wrong with anything that’s shiny and/or gold, right?

Gift list White and Pink jj

Above: 1: Black Amber Candle, £10, here 2: Miss Étoile Fragrance, £6, here 3: Benefit Sugarlicious makeup kit, £25.50, here 4: Statement Gold Ring, £8, here 5: Kelly Brook Pink Glitter Nail Polish, £2.99, here 6: Gold Beaded Scallop Clutch, £19.99, here 7: Moon Necklace Bauble, £5, here 8: Pink fleece onesie, £28, here 9: Sparkle Clutch, £16, here 10: Baby it’s Cold Outside Sweatshirt, £20, here 11: Topshop Lipstick, £8, here 12: Models Own Neon 5 Piece Brush Set, £10, here 13: Benefit 6 Piece Skincare Set, £14.50, here

For the glamour-baby in your life! Sparkly everything, and lots of pink and white for that frosty Christmassy feeling! I was thinking of Rob’s little sis Emily for all of these things, I know she’d love that onesie, and the Benefit makeup sets are always so gorgeous, this one has some really lovely pieces. Plus, I really want to give a candle as a gift this year. I feel like that’s what grown ups do, right? Give each other candles and stuff? I don’t know but I’m going to try it – and this candle smells like heaven so it’s a win-win.

If you’re still looking out for presents for Dads, brothers or boyfriends, good news! I’ll be back soon with another gift guide and some ideas – I think Rob is the most difficult person to buy for in the whole world, so these are gonna be good!

PV x