Christmas Haul!


I’m so so happy that it’s finally December, and so excited to jump into all of the Christmassy goodness I’ve got planned! I’ve got a girls and guys gift guide coming up for those tricky people you still can’t find the perfect present for, and maybe even some fun recipes (if I manage to use the oven without causing a major incident), and of course loads of DIYs which are gonna be perfect for last minute gifts, secret santas and all your other Christmas needs. First, just to kick off December and make sure that anybody who is not totally in the Christmas spirit starts feeling festive immediately, here’s my little Christmas haul of all of the goodies I’ve tucked away ready for this, the most wonderful time of the year. Can you tell how excited I am for Christmas? I’m really really excited! 😉IMG_8642

Since the festive accoutrements have started appearing in shops, I’ve been so happy to find that everywhere is embracing Glitter this Christmas. I’ve been embracing Glitter (on and with everything) for years and years and properly indulged myself with glitter madness this year because there was just so much to choose from! (and because if you can’t do glitter at Christmas, when can you?!)


Above: Glitter cocktail sticks from HAMA, Glitter Gift tags from Paperchase (and only £1.75!), Glitter fawn also from Paperchase, Glitter Candles from ALDI (thanks Mama), and Glitter tape from TIGER. I initially bought one roll of this glitter tape and then got so anxious that I would use it all up that I ran out and bought A LOT more – let’s just say that I have way more rolls than are shown in this picture. Crazy, I know, but I’ll be the one laughing when I’m ninety eight years old and still have five rolls of glitter tape to wrap up all my grandkids Christmas presents 😉


Above: More glittery goodness, Glitter wrapping paper also from TIGER (seriously considering buying eight more rolls this stuff is so good), and Christmassy stick on nails from Primark.


Above: The cutest fake ‘seal’ stickers with heart design from TIGER, Christmas socks from Primark (I used these last year as ‘stockings’ for my flat mates – I tied some thread through one sock to use as a hanger, filled it with the other sock and some sweeties, and then hung them on their door handles for when they woke up, it was so fun, but I also discovered that my flatmates were basically nocturnal and I had to wait until, like, 4am for them all to be asleep so I could creep around and spread good will 😉 ) Christmas tissue paper from ALDI, Silver straws from HAMA and wooden heart gift tags from TIGER. Because I’ve gone so bright and bold with all of my glittery wrapping paper and tags, I’ve picked up some simpler red and green pieces to tie it all together. Those tags from TIGER are the cutest, and I might steal them back from all of my gift recipients and use them again next year (not sure if that’s considered polite or not – haha)


I can’t wait to wrap up all of my presents (and leave a trail of glitter in all of my friend’s homes and all over their treasured possessions, but first I have to finish getting all my gifts (agh!) unlike my Mum, who has normally finished her Christmas shopping by September, I’m still busily collecting all of my gifts. If you’re the same then check back soon for my gift guides, (in plenty of time for Christmas postage, don’t worry!) to get you all inspired for the final (or maybe the first, if you’re super disorganised 😉 ) gift-buying push.

Happy December people, it’s going to be a good one!!