November Shmovember…


I am all over Christmas planning right now! Seriously, December – we got this.

I feel like I may have been a teensy bit overenthusiastic in looking forward to Christmas and have sort of let the whole of November trot by without paying too much attention. I’ve been working, a lot, and I also got to head to Manchester to see my bestest bestest buddies and have some down time exploring the city. It was so fun! What with all of that good stuff, and also all of the time I’ve been spending wandering around the house wrapped in blankets and singing ‘in the bleak midwinter’ forlornly to myself (part of a campaign to try and encourage my housemates to turn on the heating), November is already almost over. But that means that it’s almost officially the most wonderful time of the year. Get your glitter ready, good stuff is on the way!

In the meantime, I thought I’d share some updates so we can get November cleared away in good time for December. (with photos in case you’re more of a ‘visual reader’… yes Rob I know you just scroll through and look at the photos 😉 haha)


Work Updates:

Well you may have noticed that I have not written any humorous blog posts about my job at a coffee shop. That is because sometimes it is just not funny when a customer asks you for the three hundredth time if I’m sure their drink is made with soy milk (dairy alternative milk option), even though they asked for soy milk, it says soy milk on the cup, and my only job is to put the right milk in the right cup, so yes of course it’s soy.. IT’S SOY. I suppose this is quite funny if you imagine me going slowly crazy and just yelling ‘IT’S SOY’ every time anyone questions their drink. I think it’s even funnier if you imagine me, with milk in my eyebrows, wearing my red christmas apron and brandishing an empty milk jug like some kind of crazed elf, shouting ‘IT’S SOYYY!!!!’ at a poor, innocent customer, who proceeded to look at me with real horror and whisper ‘But, I didn’t ask for soy’

I really am a lovely person. My customer service skills are unsurpassed 😉 I also work at a bar and that’s super fun, although I don’t use my most polished customer service skills on the drunk students who are my main clientele. I mostly just say things like ‘yes, you have to pay’, or ‘no we don’t make cocktails’, or ‘who do you  think I am – your mother? Please place that empty shot glass into an appropriate receptacle and don’t throw it at me’ Actually I don’t say that last thing at all, I just serve up the drinks and chat and try and avoid the shot glasses so they don’t hit me in the eye. Sometimes when the customers are particularly rowdy, I just yell ‘IT’S SOY’ at them, and that seems to work. I actually love working at the bar, and it’s kind of fun to have jobs that are so different, keeps me on my toes and means I get crazy good benefits (and yes, by ‘crazy good benefits’ I mean I get free frappuccinos and also free fried chicken. If that’s not crazy good I just don’t know what is)


Tooth Updates:

Oh, the tooth. I feel like I’ve massively dramatised the story of my tooth (or should I say, I’ve definitely over dramatised the story of my tooth), but having done so, I might as well keep you updated. The tooth is in good health, it hasn’t turned black or fallen out or made any more attempts to disassociate itself from me. But – and this is slightly grave news, guys, so prepare yourselves – I think the other one is trying to make its escape. It’s an ongoing saga, I’ll be sure to keep you updated 😉


Hope you’re enjoying the end of November – I’m already planning lots of Christmas content including gift lists and ideas – don’t say I never do anything nice 😉

PV x