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Brighton today 👌#brighton #pier #thelanes 💛

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Rob and I took at trip to Brighton a few weeks ago and I took my beloved Diana F+ film camera with me. We mainly explored the Lanes and spent time hanging out on the beach, and it was so nice to get away and be by the sea for a little while.

CNV00050 CNV00037 CNV00032

Although I’m a rubbish swimmer (I just can’t get the hang of not breathing in the water!) I have always loved the sea. I already want to go back.

Robbie and I took a very similar trip three years ago when we had just started dating, and I took photos on my Diana then too. As always with my attempts at film photography, the pictures are a little bit overlapped and maybe not always in focus, (I’m always grabbing photos without adjusting all the knobs and dials properly!) but I love them just the same, and I love being able to look back at both of these trips.

CNV00043 CNV00038 CNV00036

(I made Rob pose with a Frankenstein mannequin outside the haunted house and I love how this photo is cropped – it looks like a random man is kissing him on the head. Hehehe…)

ed36f0f847d90de38ea6612e38c104f6b6bef6f4d2e0e99e6e9258e12c09e114660c83c6bbf87652CNV00005CNV00007CNV00033CNV00008Can you tell which pictures are from this trip and which were from the last one? I don’t think we’ve changed that much at all! Or at least, we’ve changed a lot on the inside and only a little on the outside. Life’s funny like that.

Glad we got to get away together and thankful that we have these blurry overlapped photos. Life is good.

PV x

p.s. November has been a busy, busy month. I love being busy – it’s a hobby of mine and I’m really good at it 😉 – but working all the hours I can means there’s less time to blog. Boo! I’ve got a lot l want to blog in December though so hopefully next month prettyvacant will be getting a little bit more lovin’ ❤ Thank you, as ever, for reading my lil’ blog. xoxo