35/52 – The Convenience, a NANA Café

Somewhere in the East, East end of London, (a minute’s walk from Homerton station), The NANA café serves up bottomless cups of tea, hearty breakfasts, comfort food and extra crispy bacon (just the way we like it).

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This homely little café is the day time home of NANA, a café which employs older local ladies to create a community where they can come together over tea and cake – while managing a lively café which is a hub for local residents. The café is, rather strangely, located in a converted public toilet – just one of the many quirky little details which make the place so interesting!

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In the evening, the café becomes ‘The Convenience’, and plays host to different types of food experiences – the current one being an authentic Vietnamese kitchen (with authentic East London cocktails just to get everybody in the mood for a party!)

I visited during the day and was greeted by a bunch of friendly staff who were happy to chat as they made tea and took my order. It’s really a tiny little place (public toilets aren’t that roomy when you think about it!), and upstairs is the most amazing open air seating area. It’s not Covent Garden, but I’ll put up with the view of a bus stop for this colourful perch in the fresh air with a cup of green tea and a good book.

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As much as I am romantically attached to the idea of an endless summer, after a while my blanket-scarf-swaddle began to let in the winter chill a little too much so I headed back downstairs to enjoy my food.

It was a lovely lunch hour and I’d definitely go back for some tea and cake – I think in the summer I’ll be headed back to the roof terrace for some sun – I feel like it’s a bit of a hidden gem!

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A short and sweet one this week, but for even more cafés that were once public loos (who knew that was a thing?!) check out this list, and for more information on the wonderful work of NANA, you can head to their website, here.

Big Love,

PV x