This is Halloween!


I thought I’d share some photos from the Halloween weekend since we had such a fun time getting dressed up and spookifying the house for our party!

I’ve never really celebrated Halloween, but I think that costume parties are one of the chief joys of my life, so I was all over it this year! I was super pleased with how all of our costumes turned out, and especially pleased that everyone got to see our house, hang out with us, and Noodles (our house cat) even made an appearance (she pretends she’s shy but she loves the adulation) 😉

Sorry this is another picture heavy post, but I just couldn’t resist sharing!

IMG_8171IMG_8168  IMG_8184 IMG_8188

We went all out with the decorations, covering our living room in paper garlands, and even fashioning a chandelier out of fairy lights. We cut strips out of bin bags and hung them in our hallway to create a spooky entrance way (which was actually pretty terrifying – especially with the lights off, as our hallway is long and winding anyway).

IMG_8177 IMG_8227 IMG_8241 IMG_8252

Tom and Imogen decided to go as Little Red and The Wolf (and pulled it off amazingly!)

Meanwhile, Chelsey and I got busy preparing to be the twins from The Shining. We had bought two matching blue sun dresses which were on sale, white knee high socks (from good old Primark) and because Chels and I both have an immaculate sense of style we happened to already own matching black heels (;

We kept the makeup pretty simple, using lots of dark colours for the eyes, and dark eyeshadow to contour the face. We made our lips pale for the sort of creepily undead look (it’s a great look) and finally, because we were going for the doe-eyed-but-creepy-child look (which is harder than you might think) we made our eyes look bigger with a nude eyeliner on the bottom lash line. I am by no means an expert at makeup looks, but it was easy and I think it looked great!


We went a bit crazy with the fake blood – but the girls in the film meet a bit of a sticky end on the sharp end of an axe, so I don’t think it was possible for there to be too much blood! We created huge matching abdominal wounds (which I think was part of why the look was so effective – the matching wounds were extra creepy) and then added blood to the neck and chest, and scrunched it into the bottom of the dress (in a moment of inspiration, I ripped off the hem of my dress and made it into matching ribbons for our hair as well!)

Once we were done and had our shoes on, we looked pretty identical, and we worked extra hard on our creepy vacant stares for the arrival of our guests…IMG_8268 IMG_8264 IMG_8272 IMG_8274 IMG_8277 IMG_8285

It was so fun.

I think I want to do it all again next year – I’m already thinking of costume ideas!

Hope you’ve enjoyed this little peek at Halloween Sunset Strip Style!

PV x

PS – because no photo post would be complete without a couple of selfies…


IMG_8250 IMG_8210 IMG_8203