You’re not Nineteen forever

(pull yourself together)


I’m definitely a sun baby. Pumpkin Spice season isn’t even over yet and I’m already buried in my duvet dreaming of sun and sleep and mojitos. I mean, you can definitely still drink mojitos in the winter, but I think you have to sort of do it while crying and wearing a scarf (just for the sake of decency).

It’s coming up to Christmas (eeeep!!!) and I’m so, so excited. I’m probably the only person in the world who gets excited when supermarkets start playing Christmas music in October! I’ve been especially excited by Primark’s delightfully colourful and sparkly (and sort of tacky, shhh…) Christmas stuff, I’m definitely going to do a big shopping haul to give myself a little boost through the winter blues! (and by ‘winter blues’ I mean ‘chest infection which makes me cough in a super dramatic fashion and cause people to move away from me on the train…’) 😉

I’m also counting down the last eight weeks (ish) of my ’52 New Places in London’ Challenge from last year! I’ve done thirty-two so far, so I might not quite finish up by January 1st 2015, but I definitely will get it finished, it’s my favourite thing to blog about.

After I’ve wrapped up my London challenge, I think I’m going to start a ’19 before 20′ challenge. I’m turning twenty in June (!!) and I just thought it would be a fun idea to try some new things, make exciting plans, and challenge myself so I can feel oh so accomplished ready for the big two-o.

It’s gonna be fun! Here are some of the ideas I’ve cooked up so far:

– Take portraits of my family. When I say ‘my family’ that means all of the people that have contributed significantly and positively to my life. This boils down to about sixteen people and I would absolutely love to have special portraits which capture the personality of each of these people. I have always been fascinated by portrait photography and I may even take a day course or a night class so that I can learn a new skill and make sure the photos look super good. I’m really excited about this project and I can’t wait to start sharing with you.

– Take a road trip. Travelling is my favourite thing to do. And, maybe because I don’t drive and I spend so much time on the tube nowadays, I find travelling in cars to be sort of magical. I love love love the idea of setting off and exploring somewhere new for a couple of days. (I think this obsession with travelling in a car dates back to my early childhood when I used to wish I had one of those mobility scooters so I never had to walk anywhere! What a lazy child. Lucky I was so cute.) 😉

– Sew a dress. Ha – did you think all of my things would be about going wild and partying? Well, obviously I am an uncontrollable party animal, but as everybody knows, I have an obsession with sewing, and few things bring me more delight than finishing a project and then parading it in front of anybody who will look at it! I think that sewing a dress is going to be a bit easier (or maybe way harder?!) than I imagine, but it’s totally doable and I’m going to make something which is sparkly and gorgeous and wonderful and then wear it every day. (try and stop me)

I have a lot of ideas! It’s going to be fun fun times. If you have any ideas for stuff I should try out please give me a shout!



ps – stay tuned for some Halloween stuff – prettyvacant style!