Well, I’m sick. And as everybody knows, I am a massive drama queen. This means I’ve barely had any time to do anything what with all of the feeling-sorry-for-myself, snottily-moping-around-the-house and coughing-resentfully-at-anybody-who-will-listen. It’s a hard life. I even had to take the day off University on Monday so that I could have a full day of wallowing in self pity. Okay I’m sort of exaggerating but I actually am desperately ill. This aside, so much has happened recently that’s been pretty awesome, and I thought I’d share some unseen footage of the little bits of my life that I haven’t blogged about recently.  This is quite a picture-heavy post, but because I’m constantly taking photos of little happy moments, it’s always nice for me to look back  and remember all the good stuff. IMG_7906IMG_8016
I found this oh-so-romantic note from Rob. He left it in my copy of The Wasteland nearly three years ago and I just came across it when I pulled out Eliot again for my Modernism class. I love the idea that one day little notes like this will remind us of the first few years of our relationship and will be a cute reminder of how we used to be. IMG_8034IMG_8010
My Mum and my Granny came up to London to visit me and I got to take them both to Brick Lane. It was so nice to be able to share my favourite place ever, and my Granny was totally blown away by pretty much everything. I have so much love for the amazing women in my family (particularly these two) and spending time with them just fills me up with happiness and love for weeks afterwards. We went to see the awesome ‘take my lightning but don’t steal my thunder’ sculpture in Covent Garden (which is only there for a few more weeks so go check it out if you’re interested!) The Toy Story characters climbing all over the Brick Lane coffee sign also sort of made my day. IMG_8042 IMG_8020
In honour of their visit, I had a good old tidy of my room, and also added these fun gold typography posters to my last blank wall, just to fill the space and make it feel more completed. I thought these might end up being temporary, but I actually really like them! I completed them in a couple of hours with a gold sharpie and some glitter and I think the simplicity actually really works as my room is pretty full up of ‘stuff’ already! (sorry I realise the photo is a little blurry, I will give you a better look in a future blog post). I also had fun (yes, I had fun, I know how sad that sounds – don’t judge me) sorting through my makeup and other products and tidying up how they sit on my desk and bookcase. My makeup collection is such a mix of stuff that I’ve picked up over the years – which is no surprise as it’s a well known fact that I’m a #hoarder 😉 IMG_8041IMG_5191
Some very miscellaneous stuff from this week – Rob and I went to Chichester (on a Wednesday afternoon, like a pair of pensioners), and I got some amaaaazing bargains in the River Island sale including the leopard print shoes of my dreams (and yes Rob was horrified too, but they’re lovely, I promise!) and this Mermaid notebook from Paperchase. Mermaids. Glittery. Mermaids. I love it! Also, how majestic is Noodles (our adopted house cat) looking nowadays? She is obviously thriving on the many hugs and kisses I give her when Tom is not looking… IMG_7871 IMG_7869 IMG_7832 IMG_4738IMG_4736IMG_4734
 Finally, some photos I found on my phone which just make me so happy. I love being able to pull out my phone and capture sweet moments (and selfies). Look how happy we look! Also, I know I look like I’m strangling Chelsey but I’m not! (or at least, I’m doing it with love…) and Tom and Imogen are just too cute (but don’t tell Tom I said that). I’m off to cover myself in blankets and sit in the living room coughing at everyone until they make me a lemsip 😉

PV x