My Top 5!

Let’s talk Winter essentials. And yes, I’m using the word ‘essential’ in sort of the same way that Waitrose seems to think ‘scented ironing water’ and ‘Vermicilli baskets’ are essentials, but bear with me here. We all have them – items that we reach for every single day and wouldn’t leave the house without.

Now that winter is really, really here (I’m almost sure it’s here this time, we keep getting strange cold snaps and then sunshine – madness!) I’ve been focusing on my little survival kit, and thought I’d share my top five things which I would absolutely recommend to anyone – seriously if you haven’t tried this stuff – I can’t recommend it enough. (But I’m going to try..)

Top Five YEs

1: Burt’s Bees Beeswax lip balm. I probably own about six of these and my absolute favourite is the rejuvenating formula with Acai berry. In cold weather it’s so important to keep your lips in good shape – I probably use my Burt’s Bees about fifteen hundred times a day and my lips love it!

2: Citymapper. This app is an absolute must have for anybody who lives in London or visits regularly . Download for free from the app store and you can effortlessly calculate routes to or from anywhere in London – it will even show you exactly how long your journey will take, and provide alternative routes if it’s raining! Genius.

3: Massive scarf! After about a year of seriously coveting my housemate Imogen’s huge gorgeous scarf (literally so big it’s like a picnic blanket) I found my own fluffy version in H and M. I love it. It makes a nice big wrap around your neck to keep you toasty warm, and doubles as a sort of peasant-style-shawl for when you’re in the library,  you’re cold, and you don’t care who judges you. Also, seriously useful for when you’ve got cold feet on the bus. It’s a blanket, and a scarf. That is sort of an essential, right?

4: Okay, and this isn’t an essential, but it is the bag that I use every single day. It’s a Longchamp tote bag, and after buying a fake version in Turkey two years ago *slaps own wrist*, I wore it until it fell apart and then shelled out for a real version. It’s durable, it goes with everything, and it’s big enough to fit in a scarf and a million cardigans (and a thermos, an inflatable igloo and a medium sized gas lamp).

5: This pretentious looking water bottle has a built in filter, and it’s the best thing ever. It purifies the water, makes it taste better, and also means that I can be lazy and refill from the bathroom tap without the yucky taste. Having a bottle that doesn’t get crushed and eventually lost means that I drink so much more water, and always remember to have this bottle with me. You do have to replace the filter once every three months, but at £8 per filter this is the same as buying four or five disposable water bottles, and I know I’d end up buying way more than that because I’m so so forgetful about keeping and refilling disposable bottles.

So that’s it – I’d love for you to check out the things I’ve recommended, and I’m always on the look out for recommendations, so holla at me!

Keep warm, winter really is coming!!

PV x