Shirts for dayssss

I’m writing this from the depths of my duvets and many many blankets, because, seriously, Winter is Coming. It is so freakin’ cold, guys! I’m wearing so many socks I can’t even walk so I’ll be staying in bed for the foreseeable future. Netflix, here I come. (Also I don’t have any food so I’m going to resort to eating my lip balm unless I can convince somebody else to bring me food… do you think Dominoes will deliver to my bedroom?)

With increasing fear of the cold weather which is approaching oh so rapidly, I’ve been trying to bulk up my wardrobe appropriately. I own a coat now, which is something I’ve never done before (I’m such an adult – and also so toasty warm – coats are amazing, I want more), and I’ve also been trying to add some long sleeve items as well as items which I can easily layer with other clothing. To this end, I’ve totally fallen in love with patterned shirts. They layer with everything, go great with jeans (my go-to A/W wear) and there are so many patterns and styles available. It’s a good staple wardrobe for the lazy fashionista. Just to save you a job, (I’m the best) I’ve picked out some lovely shirts to brighten up your wardrobe and save you from the frostbite in the coming months. Button up, kids.


The best thing about a see through shirt is that everybody can see how tanned I still am from Turkey… I’M KIDDING. The best thing about it is that you can easily layer under and over it with a camisole and a cardigan in the day time, and then maybe swap to a bandeau or a crop top for nights out. Twice the wear out of these gorgeous sheer tops!

1: Mango, £34.99 2: Asos, £22 3: H&M, £12.99 4: Asos, £36 Screen Shot 2014-09-29 at 05.00.11 pm

Apparently leopard print is a thing again? You can bet I’m celebrating. Remember when leopard print used to be sort of tacky? Maybe that was just all the 90s sitcoms I used to watch but I am so happy it seems to be making a come back! (That blue shirt in the middle is made of silk by the way – so luxurious. Now I own a coat I feel like the next step is to own something made of silk, right?)

1: Dorothy Perkins, £15.40 2: Topshop, £42 3: H&M, £29.99 4: Topshop £38 1

Yeah, wasn’t kidding when I said I was loving the leopard print! I’ve also found more ‘vintagey’ (as if that’s a word) prints cropping up everywhere this season. I like the subtler ones, like number 2, above, and I especially like that if you do buy vintage from a vintage clothes shop, this style of shirt can easily be tucked in, so even if it’s a little oversized, you don’t have to look like you’re wearing your dad’s old shirts (Although I did actually rock this look in my early teens…)

1: Asos, £36 2: Asos, £25 3: Asos, £28 4: Asos, £26 Screen Shot 2014-09-29 at 05.00.11 pm copy

I just love the variety of patterns and designs that all fall under this one easy style. It’s also a pretty style that’s going to last a good number of winters (and maybe summers for that little pink palm tree number), and that’s why I think that even the pricier shirts in this list would be worth the investment. And If the weather carries on like this, anything with long sleeves could turn into your favourite investment yet!

1: New Look, £17 2: Topshop, £38 3: New Look, £8 4: Dorothy Perkins, £18

Now.. which one do I choose?!

Hope you’ve also been inspired to protect yourself from the harsh and vicious winter with some gorgeous patterned shirts!

PV x