Brand New

Maybe it’s the fact that the seasons are changing, or maybe it’s just all the fresh new ‘back to school’ vibes I always get from September, but I am so full of inspiration for all things bright and new this month. 

I have become a little obsessed with Pinterest lately and spend most of my time at work* daydreaming about the bold prints, textures and colour schemes which I am discovering and obsessively ‘pinning’ to be used in my room, in my wardrobe, and even in my future house. That’s the good thing about Pinterest, you can squirrel away inspiration and projects, and then when it’s time to get creative you have a personalised stash of ideas just waiting to come to life.

I’m still obsessed with that gorgeous palm tree image (I don’t know why I love it so much! Strange…) and I’ve gathered some more images which are of a similar bold colour and aesthetic. I might have them printed and group them together as a gallery display, but I’m still deciding on that one – ideas on the back of a postcard please! 😉
1 2 3 4
I’ve got the desk in my current bedroom pretty much how I want it, and I’ve kept it really simple. However, that hasn’t stopped me from collecting inspiration for my one-day-dream-office-space! There are so many of these beautiful spaces shared on Pinterest, but here are my absolute favourites. 

222324 21

I love the little details which make these spaces seem cohesive, and I am absolutely sure that I want a big, huge desk! All that space for creating and spreading out is invaluable. Finally, I like the idea that you could easily change up these spaces just by swapping around the posters, and reorganising the bits and pieces on the desk itself, because that lovely bright white is so neutral and adaptable. Perfect if you, like me, are constantly changing your mind! 

Finally, a few bits and pieces I found myself pinning this week which are not really to do with room decor or organisation at all!

33 34

More Palm tree inspo! I don’t know what it is about these two pieces which caught my eye, but I think that they are both so, so pretty. Isn’t it funny how some things look so gorgeous to the eyes of one person, while they probably don’t look like anything special to someone else! These two are right up my aesthetic alley, and I bet I could DIY that jumper, right? 🙂

32 36

All over the fresh ‘n wild vibes right now. That salad just looks like a dream – I have been eating so much salad lately but mine are never this colourful! And something which you might actually be surprised to learn about me (given how much I love Netflix and my bed) is that I really, really love the outdoors (I’m just not out there much because I’m always in Starbucks, ha) and this lil’ camping spot looks just about perfect (until it starts raining…)

35 31


The stripes! The composition! The monochrome! So appealing to my eyeballs. And I pinned this quote yesterday – trying to tell Rob something perhaps? Ha!

38 37

Ooosh, Pinterest, look at you with your massively relevant quotes and monochrome typeface! And, these happy surf chicas just make my whole day. That yellow! Be still my heart. 

I hope you’ve had a good ol’ healthy dose of inspiration, bold colours and fresh September feelings!

Sources for all of the above can be found on my Pinterest page (click here), and if you’re not already on Pinterest, you should definitely sign up for daily escapism and ideas for just about anything.

Love, PV x

*Actually, in all honesty, I spend most of my time at work pretending that I only have one arm (just to pass the time).