This past weekend I was lucky enough to get a couple of days off work and be able to travel to Bristol to meet with my dearest friend Kati and her little sister Emma. We celebrated Emma’s eighteenth birthday, explored the beautiful city, and set the world to rights over many, many cups of tea.

Our first destination, and one of my favourites, was The Birdcage, a beautiful destination café and vintage boutique, promising ‘yesterday’s clothes and today’s coffee’. As well as being beautifully decorated, with high ceilings and big windows lending lots of gorgeous light to the interior, the menu is healthy, varied and so so tempting. As well as tea (of course!) Kati, Emma and I enjoyed delicious sandwiches, and I was particularly pleased with my sour dough toast and avocado. I even snagged myself a sneaky gluten free brownie before browsing the cute vintage jumpers and jewellery which was pricey but really nice, and would make a lovely gift. IMG_7031IMG_7039 IMG_7034 IMG_7027IMG_7024

After the fortifying effects of tea and sandwiches we headed out onto Park Street, an incredibly steep (okay, not that steep, but, you know…) parade of eclectic shops and independent cafés, including several shops specialising in affordable vintage, or locally made items. I really loved the type of shops that were on offer, and there are so many which are worth visiting – they make for a perfect afternoon of shopping – if you’re prepared to walk up a reallllly steep hill 😉

Emma has a great eye for Vintage and she found a gorgeous red jacket and a black velvet dress. Kati and I weren’t convinced at first but we were so wrong! Emma looked fantastic and totally pulled it off – we even found some cute graphic jumpers which were super affordable for Vintage (compared to London anyway!) but I decided to spend my money on tea and brownies instead… #priorities!

IMG_7042 IMG_7046 IMG_7055 IMG_7058 IMG_7060 IMG_7062

As well as a good number of well stocked charity shops (always a plus!) we found Uncle Sam’s, Sobey’s and BS8 to have a particularly good selection.

After even more hills (Bristol in general is incredibly hilly and rather a shock for the old calf muscles) we stopped into Tea Birds – a truly adorable café which specialises in floral plates, delicious tea, and generally being incredibly photogenic and sure to get you some Instagram likes…

I love the number of independent coffee shops springing up all over Bristol – the atmosphere is so different to a chain café brand (sorry Starbucks I still love you!) because everything, including the coffee, is made with love and care, often by the people who own and run the café. What better place for deep-meaningful-conversations, this-is-why-we’re-friends chats and tea-makes-everything-better talks. ❤


IMG_7066 IMG_7077 IMG_7089 IMG_7090

 Our final destination, (and I really can’t recommend this place highly enough!) was The Burger Joint. Kati used to work here as a waitress and it is amazing! Seriously I’m surprised she ever managed to get the food from the kitchen to the table without eating it. It is delicious. And so much choice! I agonised over the eternal chorizo vs onion rings debate before finally deciding to have both, and it was amazing. We couldn’t even finish everything on our plates, and I was sorely tempted to stuff it all in my pockets for later, but I didn’t want to embarrass Kati in front of her old work colleagues so restrained myself 😉

IMG_7149 IMG_7150 IMG_7192 IMG_7189


I had an amazing time eating drinking and shopping in Bristol, and most of all I loved hanging out with my buddy Kati and her little sister (all grown up now, when did that happen?!)

The places I’ve recommended in this post barely scratch the surface of what there is to discover, and I highly encourage exploration. Let me know if you find any more hidden gems!

I hope your week has been lovely so far!

PV x