Super easy DIY Headboard Cover

I’ve finally gotten out of my creative rut and done something productive! *applause* IMG_7006-0.JPGIMG_7012-0.JPG In between celebrating Chelsey’s birthday, eating way too much cake and smarties, and, in a terrifying turn of events, being forced to watch ‘The Shining’ (which I ended up listening to from behind a blanket because it’s basically the scariest, creepiest most horrifying movie ever made), I made this easy peasy cover to slip over my ugly brown leather headboard, and add a graphic detail to this side of my room.

I bought some plain white fabric from a charity shop, and hand stamped it with a simple design, but you could choose a fabric which already has a fun pattern, choose a bright colour, or even dye or tie-dye your white fabric to match your colour scheme, your bedding, and your wildest dreams. Go crazy!


IMG_7007.JPG The process I used for preparing the material is very similar to the way I made my pineapple curtains, first cutting the fabric to size and then using a hand cut foam stamp (I used just two sheets of craft foam and it worked perfectly) to add pattern.

You want your fabric to be double the size of your headboard (with a couple of centimetres on each side to allow for hems), and then it’s time to get stamping! I stuck my foam stamp onto a glass oven dish so that I could place the stamps exactly where I wanted them, and also apply even pressure to all parts of my cross design. I used normal black craft paint (although you should use fabric paint if you want your creation to be washable!), and reapplied the paint to the stamp after each impression.

Once you’re happy with your finished pattern, blot any excess paint with tissue or scrap fabric, and leave to dry. I left mine for probably about two minutes before I got too impatient to wait any longer, but the layers of paint are so thin that they dry almost immediately.


IMG_7010-0.JPG The next step is to fold your fabric in half along the long edge (the edge which will run along the top of your finished headboard) with your pattern on the inside. Then, sew both of the short edges closed, leaving just the bottom long edge open so that you can slip this ‘pocket’ over the top of your existing headboard.

IMG_7011.JPGTurn your material inside out (or, the right way out?) so that your pattern is on the inside and the seams are hidden on the inside (as if you were making a cushion).

Slip this over your headboard, thank your lucky stars that it fits even though you used your hand as a substitute for a ruler or tape measure (oooooops), and then go and fetch your housemates and have them all solemnly admire your handiwork.

IMG_7012-4.JPGFor a very simple project, I already feel like this has made such a difference just by injecting a bit more light, covering up the dark brown, and adding a bold, fun design all at the same time.

More from this little corner of my room coming very soon!

Love, PV x