Binned Alaska (see what I did there…)

I feel like Ian from Bake Off. 

In case you don’t follow The Great British Bake Off as closely as I do (i.e. if you have a life), Diana took Ian’s Baked Alaska out of the freezer before it was set, it collapsed, and he binned it in a fit of rage. 

Then, when Paul and Mary asked to see his creation, he had to awkwardly present the bin and explain Diana’s unforgivable behaviour.

So this is me, awkwardly presenting the bin full of the things which I tried to achieve this week. (I am unable to blame this on Diana, although I would like to because her actions were unacceptable)


I have actually been pretty productive; I reorganised my bookcase and my filing cabinet, purchased my notebooks for the new academic year, and my storage solutions have never been more efficient. This, however, makes for a very boring post (I actually tried to make one and even I had to admit it just wasn’t gripping reading), and unless pictures of the insides of drawers float your boat (okay, I actually love pictures of the insides of drawers, but…)* I just don’t really have anything to show for my efforts.

I even carried out a project I’ve been wanting to do for ages and used a chalk pen to write a quote over the top of my mirror. I was going to write a post about this but all I really did was nick a chalk pen from Starbucks. I could write a very informative blog post about how to steal from your place of work without getting caught, but… (just kidding! and I also returned the pen so please don’t fire me!)

I have nothing to show for my efforts. Not even a soggy baked alaska in a bin #sadface. I even considered posting about the chicken caesar salad which I lovingly crafted, but I’m so afraid of food poisoning that I like to give my chicken a good burning before I eat it, and a) obviously, that would be a rubbish blog post, and b) why would I even be making a blog post about salad, and if we’re all going to die eventually, what is the point?

You can see that the existential crisis is still going strong. 

Anyway, because I sound a bit crazed (I promise it’s just the tiredness!) I’m going to go to sleep and carry on planning some projects which will hopefully be worth blogging about! 

I’m going to be making my own bedding (sort of) and unless I have some kind of terrible accident during the process, I’ll be giving you every last detail! 

Hope you’ve got more to show for your week than I have 😉

Big Love, PV x 

*some amazing pictures of the insides of drawers here. (Yes, really)