Mary Berry is my homeboy

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I hate coming back from holiday.

We had an overnight flight (the worst, ugh) and I had to sulk wait at the airport for like, nearly, two whole hours. It was a DISASTER. Or I was just grumpy about being pryed away from the sun loungers and having to leave gorgeous sunny Turkey. Boo šŸ˜¦ Anyway, I ended up doing what any sensible person in such dire straits would have done. I sat on the floor of that departure lounge and watched the Great British Bake Off on Rob’s iPad. Oh Mary Berry,Ā that death stare of yours gets me every time.

– Did you make your own fondant?

-No, I didn’t…




On the plane I was thrown into anotherĀ nightmare situationĀ when I wanted to recline my chair (it was literally three in the morning. If there is a time when it’s acceptable to recline your chair,Ā this is it). However, being British, and therefore socially inhibited in ways you would never believe, I was instead torn between sitting up straight and being so uncomfortable I wanted to die, or reclining my chair and beingĀ racked with guilt.Ā Talk about first world problems.

Anyway! I thought I’d share some photos while I go and cry into my still-not-unpacked suitcase šŸ˜‰

IMG_6220 IMG_6230 IMG_6870 IMG_6291 IMG_6871 IMG_6320 IMG_6321 IMG_6378



Above: Emily cut my hair and didn’t make me look like Skrillex (always a victory), Rob shows off his ‘model face’ ;), I get waaay relaxed, and boat selfies with the tiniest cutest little buddy (who was way better than me at swimming and diving and gleefully mocked me in Turkish as I flailed)

IMG_6477 IMG_6481 IMG_6484 IMG_6868 IMG_6678IMG_6632 IMG_6705IMG_6706

Above: Ortica Market, Chilling in Pomegranates, Emily’s many terrifying faces ;), getting through my second year reading list in style šŸ˜‰

IMG_6710 IMG_6818 IMG_6743 IMG_6892 IMG_6897 IMG_6896


And now I have to go try not to do violence on any Starbucks customers. *crys softly*

I hope you have had a gorgeous weekend, Big Love,

PV x