Turkey update

Oh Hey!

And may I say what an exceptionally fine morning it is this morning. I hope you enjoyed the Pirate’s second birthday celebration! Two years! It’s madness. I had a whale of a time (as I’m sure you’ve realised, I am a wee bit obsessed with my blog), and I’m so excited to continue to develop my content over the next two years.

That being said, I’ve enjoyed the first week of my holiday in Turkey completely blog free, and it’s been so blissful and relaxing! I don’t think I realised just how much time and thought goes into each blog post until I switched off for a while.

I’ve still been sharing a lot on my Instagram, it’s so beautiful here I can’t resist pulling my camera out at every opportunity.




We’ve taken boat trips and a dip in the mud baths, popped to a couple of markets and cycled to a gorgeous restaurant on the edge of town to enjoy good food and good company 🙂





All this relaxation has left me time to get inspired all over again about my new bedroom, upcoming blog posts, and even scary bigger picture stuff like summer internships and second year modules!

I was so inspired by Emma and Elsie (of ABeautifulMess) sharing their app development success story (check it out here), and I’ve been pinning like crazy to get my Room Decor inspiration board on Pinterest up to scratch before I dive into more projects. (Check it out here)



I’m feeling totally relaxed, and almost ready to face the chaos of London life again (but not yet!)

Watch this space for more holiday snaps, relax, and enjoy your weekend!

Big love,

PV x