The Pirate is Two!


Happy Birthday to my lovely little blog, long may it prosper 😉

I started prettyvacantpirate to document my Gap Year, and since then I’ve written about all sorts of things, some more interesting than others!

My Granpa, obviously bored with my initial posts about sushi and eyebrows, suggested that I start writing about my job in a supermarket café. I started documenting my hilarious and ridiculous customers, and I love looking back on those funny little stories and remembering what a long suffering waitress I used to be!


Then I set off travelling, and became obsessed with documenting every amazing moment of my trips. I visited every internet café in Peru and Italy and poor long suffering Robbie endured me a) weeping inconsolably in Japan when I accidentally deleted half a draft blog post (I know – lame), and b) taking over his phone for an improbably long time trying to coax the dodgy wifi in a remote Thai hotel to let me upload photos. It was so fun. I sometimes read back and get to remember little gems like the time me and Em stayed in a hotel which was almost definitely haunted because we missed our train in Italy (as if I could forget that…) 



Even when I got back to England, I decided that I enjoyed blogging so much that I carried on updating pretty regularly (three times a week, sometimes a bit more, sometimes much less!), chatting about my monthly favourites, sharing crafty tutorials, interviewing my flatmates, exploring London, and answering life’s important questions.

Use the links above to check out some archives you may not have read, or read below for a couple of my personal highlights 😉    

[my whole travel archives are here, or browse them by country using the options on the right of this page.]


Trekking the Inca Trail to Macchu Picchu in Peru

The best birthday ever in Venice, Italy

Exploring the neon jungle in Nagoya, Japan – this is the post that I half deleted! I hope it was worth my tears 😉

 Arriving in beautiful Thailand, and further adventures with our dear friends Grace and Conor in Cha Am


More recently: 

Flatmate Friday with my beloved ex-flatmate (boo!) Kate

I made my own pineapple curtains! They’re pretty much the bomb

I shard The monochrome wall I curated for my old University dorm room

I went to see The Fault in our Stars and Begin Again and shared my views- both awesome films!

Some fun summer favourites to get you in the mood for ice-cream and flip flops!

Conor Thailand

And finally, some of my new favourite places in London…

Spitalfields Antiques Market, The British Library, The V&A Museum, Columbia Road Flower Market and Primrose Hill

It’s been a blast, thank you so, so much for reading ❤


PV x