Framed Quotes – DIY

Do you remember these super simple framed quotes which I was admiring a couple of months ago?

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Well, I decided to go ahead and make myself a DIY version for my bedroom. It really is the best way to do this kind of thing – cheaper and totally customisable!

I got dear Robbie to pick up some frames from IKEA (the silver ‘Ribba’ frames – they are slightly smaller, height-wise, than A3 so my finished quotes needed to be trimmed a little at the bottom, but the width is the same and they fit perfectly with a slight adjustment!) I then typed up some favourite quotes using a mix of two very simple fonts, and took the files along to a local print shop to have them all printed off on matte A3 paper.

IMG_5926 IMG_5929 IMG_5931 IMG_5933

After framing my quotes, I used 3M command strips (and Robbie’s help) to fix them up on the wall above my bed. It’s pretty difficult to get these guys straight, but I ran a straight line of Washi tape on the wall above where I wanted all the quotes to go, and then made sure the top of all my frames touched this line. To get the three frames spaced out properly, I held something between the middle frame and the frames on the left and right (a bottle of suncream, as it happens) as I hung them, to ensure that they were the same distance apart and I wouldn’t be tearing my hair out for ever after because they were uneven!

IMG_5936 IMG_5938


I’m pretty sure we got them all straight, and I’m so so happy with how they look. I love the quotes, and because I used command strips (which are made of two parts, one on the frame and one on the wall – connected together with a strong velcro) I can take them down and switch the quotes in and out whenever I want.

I love it! They look so classy – really simple and modern.

DIY success ❤

Big Love, PV x


‘I was born to be, be your Dead Sea’ – Dead Sea by The Lumineers

‘Burn your Fire for no Witness’

‘And if the music is good, we dance’ (one day, baby, we’ll be old)