July/August favourites

The heatwave in London has exploded into a massive rainstorm complete with thunder, lightning, and tidal wave puddles which mean I’m lucky to get to the train station without drowning.

Which all means that I’m even more excited to go to Turkey in just under two weeks! Eeeee!! (look how handsome Rob is. I just can’t get over it)

Me ROb

Here’s my lovely list of summer goodies which are just itching to jump into my suitcase! (some of them have already cheekily found their way in there, oooops)


1: This adorable Cat makeup bag (£10 from ASOS) is perfect for all those 100ml impossibly tiny bottles of shampoo you have to stuff in your hand luggage. 2: These Pineapple pyjamas! Too adorable, I honestly have a problem with how much I love pineapples. (£18 from ASOS) 3: This awesome pair of gold T-bar sandals (£8 from New Look) are my absolute favourite colour. Plus they’re not as pricey as Birkenstock’s (which I’ve wanted for ages!)

4: iPanema flip flops. I got these for my birthday, they’re so comfy and they’ll last much longer than my previous Primark pair! 5: This slim travel wallet is £9 from ASOS and it’s perfect if you’re like me: a) disorganised, and b) prone to panic if you can’t lay your hands on your passport in under 0.0000073 seconds. 6: It’s not a pineapple, but this orange slice clutch (£10 from ASOS) is gorgeous.

7: A little pricey at £20 (from the Birchbox shop), The balance me wonder eye cream is designed to lighten dark circles (not an ideal look in summer), and keep eyes from looking tired. (Which mine do, like, 109% of the time) 8: Finally, this, ‘This works, Deep Sleep Pillow Spray’ (£16 from feelunique.com) has been recommended so highly, and I’m hoping it will help to combat restless nights form the crazy tropical heat in Turkey (okay, now I’m showing off, but, it’s gonna be so hot! I’m a little excited)

I hope you’ve got lovely summer activities to look forward to!

Big Love,

PV x