20/52 – The Shard and The Tower of London

My housemate Tom invited me to a business breakfast event hosted by the Times. It was a debate about Britain’s place in the European Union hosted by Business Editor Richard Fletcher, with Roland Rudd and David Buik on the panel, representing each side of the debate.

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 And there was food. And it was hosted on the 22nd floor of the Shard. That’s what swung it for me, to be honest. That being said, it was actually a really interesting and well organised event, and even for a political newbie like me, the lively debate was easy to understand, and the Q and A session was handled really well by the panel.

The best thing was the incredible location- The Shard is such a fancy place, and the floor to ceiling windows make for amazing panoramic views of the city, and an incredible space for seminars and meetings. I especially loved the little glass capsules tucked into each corner for ‘concentration’, ‘collaboration’ and ‘contemplation’. Tom and I spent a long time in the contemplation pod contemplating how much we like the decor and the view, and wondering exactly why somebody had decided to hang (apparently real) orchids upside down from the ceiling. A strange choice for indoor plants, but it looked awesome.

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After the seminar, we headed across the Bridge and down to the Tower of London. It’s a really gorgeous area, right next to the river, and although it costs £18 (£18!!!!) to actually go into the tower, nobody will stop you from heading around the outside (towards the pier) where there’s an ice-cream bar, benches in the sun overlooking the Thames, and great views of the castle (which is actually such a cool and impressive structure, which seems so out of place in the middle of London!)

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Just past the bridge from this lovely spot is St Katherine’s Docks. A calm secluded spot, frequented in the summertime by families and sunbathers relaxing on their boats. There’s a small row of shops and cafés, and a tiny Starbucks ideally located next to the water. It’s actually such a nice place, I really really loved it. I can’t get over how nice this area is, (as you can probably tell). It’s so worth a visit.

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Before you rush over to the Tower of London to enjoy the gorgeous weather, head over to the Times+ website (click here) where you can see Tom and I in pride of place (scroll through the pictures until you get to the last one. That’s still sort of pride of place right?) and read more about the event we went to. I’m sort of an expert on the EU now. #winner.

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Big Love,

PV x