19/52 – Box Park, Shoreditch

I was supposed to post this post yesterday but instead I sat in the garden and ate ice cream. Awkies. (Or, as my sister would say, ‘Nnnnaughty’. Actually she’d probably say awkies too. Such a refined creature ❤ )

Anyway, London is total, full-on, heatwave-city at the moment. Everytime I step out my front door I worry that my face will melt off. This being said, with the help of a large iced drink, and some serious determination, I made the ten minute walk from my workplace on Liverpool Street to the Boxpark pop up which stands next to Shoreditch High Street station.

Constructed out of huge shipping containers stacked two storeys high, the small complex is certainly a haven for a certain kind of hipster with a penchant for really good thai food. Each shipping crate is a tiny pop up shop – often a miniature version of a niche online store, although there are some big players and popular brands represented too.

Just five minutes from Brick Lane (specifically Brick Lane Beigels, awww yissss), the complex is ideally located, and surrounded by some pretty rad graffiti which means it’s definitely worth a visit for a shopping trip with a bit of a difference, or just to grab lunch in the sunshine.

IMG_5398 IMG_5445 IMG_5442 IMG_5418



One of my favourite stores was this lovely little gift shop, #TuschUndEgon, full of all sorts of strange and wonderful little gifts, prints and sculptures.  I love these ‘See no, Hear no, Speak no’ gnomes. Even though they’re totally hideous, they’re gold and the more I looked at them, the more I started to find them kind of cute. Just me? And these tiny frames with Starwars lego mini figures? So cool (and probably super easy to DIY!)

IMG_5404 IMG_5403 IMG_5402 IMG_5471


A couple of units further down, #PlayfulPromises had a gorgeous selection of dresses and bikinis, as well as some really nice underwear and accessories. I found a gorgeous pansy print bikini, and I adore those pink dresses, especially the floral print one. They seemed so reasonably priced, and such high quality – it’s really nice to find something that’s a little more unique than high street options.

IMG_5411 IMG_5409 IMG_5408 IMG_5462

#BeautyMart has a fantastically curated selection of make up which you wouldn’t necessarily find on the high street – and it’s displayed so temptingly! The bright colour mix in this pop up is such a great example of why these miniature shops make such a cool shopping experience. The beauty mart capsule is like a little wonderland of fluorescent skincare (Yes, I realise what I just said, and yes, I know it’s lame). The #Marimekko store is similarly enticing, and although it’s realllly pricey, some of the smaller items like the mugs or notebooks would make really lovely gifts.

IMG_5448 IMG_5417 IMG_5414 IMG_5467 IMG_5465 IMG_5456



If you’re hungry, and you’re sick of bagels (pfft, like you could ever be sick of bagels), the top floor has a great seating area in the sunshine, and some great restaurants offering thai, mexican and fusion foods, as well as some cafes and even a cute little pie shop. (Am I the only person who would never eat a pie from a café because #SweeneyTodd ?)

IMG_5420 IMG_5419 IMG_5433 IMG_5453 IMG_5426 IMG_5431



I hope you’re making the most of this gorgeous sunshine! I’m spending my days making frappucino’s for fraught business people and impossibly large groups of Italian school kids, but you could probably achieve the same effect by ruthlessly throwing milk all over yourself, and then deep conditioning your hair with syrup and chocolate chips. It’s a super good look.

Big Love, PV x

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