Ten Minute DIY – Jewellery Display


Since I moved in, my jewellery has been sitting sadly in a tiny box on my bookcase, getting tangled and forgotten, so I came up with a quick DIY solution which means it can be on display.

This really is an easy fix, and all it took was a cheap cork board from Wilko (here), and some gold metallic paint (which I’m now tempted to paint all over everything I own – and which I also used for my polka dot table runner, here. The paint also happens to be from Wilko and can be purchased here)

Start off with a medium sized pin board (or a massive one if you have a ton of jewellery!), and use masking tape and metallic paint to first tape and then paint your chosen design. I love this metallic paint because it’s actually very subtle, and adds a slightly iridescent shine which only shows up from certain angles. The geometric design I chose turned out to be very fiddly to measure correctly, so I chose not to worry too much about precision. I think simple stripes, more polka dots, or diamonds would also look fab.

IMG_5231 IMG_5235


Once the paint has dried, lay the pin board flat, and experiment with the best ways to display your jewellery. I used simple drawing pins to pin my necklaces in place once I was happy with the layout, and pinned binder clips to the board to make little ‘hooks’ for pairs of earrings.  Stud earrings, rings and bracelets are stored in the pink dish which I thrifted for my bedside table, and everything fits just perfectly. I just love that everything is on display, and nothing has to be tangled up.

IMG_5251 IMG_5250My bedside table has had yet another change around, with the addition of this lovely shell dish which I snagged from the Laura Ashley sale (for about 20p – that sale was so good!)

IMG_5245 IMG_5243

The hanger is not only a lovely way to store my jewellery, I love the way it looks, too! I’m sure I’ll be switching up this little part of my room again soon, but for now I’m so happy with this super quick DIY.

Give it a try, and get your lovely jewellery out on display 🙂

Big Love, PV x