100 Happy Days

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This week, I finished my #100happydays challenge (which I introduced here) and I can’t believe how fast the time has gone!

I’ve really enjoyed collecting together all of my happy moments, and it’s no surprise that most of my pictures are full of the smiling faces of my friends and family. It also seems like food and home decor projects are my true happy place, again no surprises, what a wild life I lead and all that 😉

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It actually made me reflect a lot on how I’ve grown up over the past couple of years. I’ve even stopped blagging child tickets on the train, (from which I learnt that being an adult feels just the same as being a child, but it’s more expensive) and now own things like a food processor, an iron, and a ‘sensible’ pair of shoes (shudder). These things aside, (please lets not talk about the shoes again, I sound like I’m middle aged!), the Happy Days challenge made me think that the biggest part of growing up is feeling less entitled to, and more responsible for, happiness (your own and other peoples).

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When you’re a kid it is your parents’ sole job to make you laugh, feed you delicious milkshake, and be the general guardian of your happiness and your heart’s desires (if your parents ever try and tell you that they actually have other jobs and don’t have time to feed your happiness with delicious milkshake, this is a slanderous lie).

But eventually, you have to be responsible for your own happiness and your own delicious milkshakes (it would be useful at this point if you happen to work at a coffee shop and have around the clock access to their stash of sugary treats and a blender… Double chocolate, caramel and marshmallow smoothie, anyone?)

Anyway, what I’m trying to say is that recently, more and more, I have found myself consciously choosing to be happy. I choose to celebrate the little things, and I choose to turn bad days around by letting something insignificant, like a new book or a short phone call, make me happy. This doesn’t mean that I’m never sad, or that I never spend time sulking because I’ve run out of tuna, but I have realised that life is simply too short, and I might as well decide to be happy.

Okay, happiness rant over, the challenge also allowed me to take gratuitous selfies and force my housemates to pose for photos (while insisting that they ‘try and look natural!’). It was really fun, and I love having a record of the things which cheer me up.

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To get involved, start posting, collecting and tagging your photos, I think it’s definitely worth doing.

Choose Happy 🙂

Big Love, PV x