Casual Friday – June/July favourites

Casual Fridays. Everybody loves a casual Friday, right? I certainly do. On casual Fridays we are allowed to wear our own clothes to work which, for me, turns into ‘wear your pajama top to work day’. I love it.

This month’s favourites is a bit of a mix of everything. With so much going on including a new house and a new job, I have been running around a bit madly – and as you can tell, I am in full on home decor mode, with a bit of summery planning thrown in. Flavour of the month is definitely pineapple – I just can’t get enough of them!

June:July Favourites

I’m also showing off a bit and demonstrating a couple of different options to suit all budgets! That Pineapple frame is so gorgeous and it’s in the sale (hence the amazing price), and that pineapple lamp, although a little pricier, is just dying to come and sit on my bedside table 😉

// Hawaiian Tropic Suncream: La Roche Posay Suncream (Both available at Boots) // Blue Pineapple Socks: White Pineapple Socks (Oasis, Topshop) //ÅKERTISTEL Quilt cover: Hydrangea Cotton Bedlinen (IKEA, Laura Ashley) // KLABB Table Lamp: Pineapple Champagne Table Lamp (IKEA, Laura Ashley) // Pineapple Frame: White Ceramic Pineapple Jar (Zara Home, Graham and Green) // Crosses Frame: Gold Starburst Frame (Zara Home, Laura Ashley) // Porcelain Shell Dish: Hammered Golden Serving Dish (John Lewis, Zara Home) //

Mmm, white and gold is such a delicious combination, I think I might actually be dangerously obsessed with gold (they don’t call me the pirate for nothing – ha, ha) and pineapples. I need to find some kind of huge golden pineapple ornament – and then my life will be complete 😉 A bit of a funny thing to be my life’s chief ambition, but the heart wants what the heart wants, eh? And, my heart wants gold pineapples…

Big Love!!

PV x