The Batcave

Gold polka dots is totally my new thing.

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This being said, I decided to use the same method I used to make my pineapple print curtains to make a gold polka dot table runner for my little bedside table.

This time, I used gold metallic paint, marked the spots where I wanted the polka dots with painter’s tape first, and then attached the stamp to a glass so that I could see where I was placing the dots.

IMG_4836 IMG_4839 IMG_4847 IMG_4984

I love how it looks on my bedside table, and I’ve been adding a few more touches, like my pinboard, and this gorgeous soft pink dish which I thrifted and which now holds my keys and the other bits and pieces which are otherwise strewn all over the floor. I also got a new rug from TIGER, which I’m so pleased with because it adds so much colour (and also looks a little handmade, and I’m tempted to tell people that I spent hours crafting it out of old t-shirts and recycled string… mwahaha)

I also sorted out my desk and created a makeshift ‘pinboard’ with washi tape and some photos and magazine pages. I love how it turned out, and it’s so versatile, I can just stick new things on and pull the old bits down whenever I need to.

IMG_4951 IMG_4959 IMG_4961 IMG_4963 IMG_4972

Both projects were super easy to do, and I’m looking forward to adding more personal touches to my space.

I love having these things on the wall by my desk – as well as the photos I have a newspaper cutting about ghost ships (I think they are about the most interesting thing ever), a sweet note from Rob, a poem by Philip Larkin and my bad mouthed glitter sign which is my favourite thing ever. Washi tape makes it so easy to customise your walls like this, I love it. ❤

Big Love,

PV x