Pineapple Print Curtains DIY

Do you know what my room needs? More pineapples. Obviously.

I realised this late one night while I was contemplating home decor (wild Saturday night, I know…) and the next day I decided to make some pineapple print curtains to replace the strange green/brown ones that were there when we moved in.



All of the furniture and textiles were actually super dark when I first moved in, and it left the room feeling cramped and much smaller than it actually is. I promptly had a bit of a diva moment and got rid of all of the dark furniture, deciding to invest in the furniture pieces that I needed and make sure that they were all white or birch. It’s really made the room seem so much bigger and lighter, especially with my gorgeous wooden flooring!


Replacing the curtain for a lighter one has made such a difference too! I wanted a bold monochrome to add some graphic detail to my colour scheme (which is a little washed out at the moment as it’s basically all white!) and also I wanted a pineapple print. Shockingly, I just couldn’t find a bold-monochrome-pineapple-print anywhere, so  I bought some plain white fabric from IKEA and made my own. I know this is starting to sound like one of those dubious DIY projects I’ve made with duct tape and household items, but I swear it actually looks pretty good, and it’s definitely doable in an afternoon without too much hassle!


You will need:

Fabric: You can choose any colour, and make sure that the fabric is thick enough to block the light out if your windows get a lot of bright light. I chose to double over my fabric to make it thicker, and this is a good option as long as you remember to pick up double the amount of fabric. Measure your window (curtain rod to sill) before you go to buy your fabric, unless you want to be left in the IKEA haberdashery um-ing and ah-ing and brandishing a pair of fabric scissors in an experimental manner. #justsayin’

Paint: I used plain old black poster paint, and unless you’re the kind of person that has time to wash their curtains, you don’t need to invest in any specific paint.

Foam: I used craft foam from the kiddies section of Wilko.

Curtain rings or hooks: I used simple black curtain rings sewn to the top of my curtain, but if you’d prefer, you can use hooks and then attach the rings that way.

IMG_4687 IMG_4689

Start by sketching out the design you want on some paper, and then transfer it to the sheets of foam. Then use an x-acto knife or a pair of sharp scissors to cut out your design, thinking about where you need to leave gaps. I left thick lines around all of my leaves to make the shape as clear as possible.

Attach your foam shapes to thick cardboard, or a to a rigid surface (a chopping board would work well) so that you can apply pressure evenly once it’s time to start stamping.

IMG_4692 IMG_4694

Next, you need to cut your fabric to the size of your window (from the curtain rod to wherever you want the bottom of your curtain), leaving enough fabric for a small hem. At this point, I simply folded rather than cut my fabric, so that the top half of my curtain is a double thickness. I like this graduated effect, and you can play around with it until you find the size and thickness that you need. Sew a simple hem all the way around the edge of your curtain (or curtains, if you are making a pair). It can be useful to iron the fold first, which will make it much easier to sew your hem straight while working with so much fabric and trying to keep it all in line!

IMG_4698 IMG_4700

Once your curtain is ready, lay it out very flat on a hard surface, first laying down cling film, tin foil, or scrap cardboard as a precaution in case any paint bleeds through. Use a paintbrush to cover your stamp in paint, taking care not to let excess paint collect in the gaps. You might want to do a few practice stamps first so you get the hang of it.

Briefly work out how you want your design laid out (or just go for it!), and then start stamping, reapplying the paint after each stamp.

Once you’re happy with your design, let it dry fully, and then waft it around the house showing off your stamping skills to your housemates (optional)

Finally, attach your curtain rings by your preferred method, making sure that they are evenly spaced, and your curtain is ready to hang!

IMG_4714 IMG_4702

How easy was that? Fully customised curtains for under a tenner. Yes, please.

Happy stamping! PV x