New Home



We’ve moved! We had a crazy moving day but we got everything in, and we’re all very happy with our lovely new house. It’s a large mid terrace property with six bedrooms over two floors, a garden, a lounge and a kitchen. We’ve been working like crazy to get everything unpacked, and won’t need to buy groceries for about a thousand years because we’ve already filled up the cupboards between us with all the food we found lurking at the back of our cupboards when we moved out. I currently have just two pieces of furniture in my room, so my unpacking consisted of taking everything out of boxes and putting it on the floor, but it’s done, and I’ve been spending the last couple of days obsessively planning every detail of my room!

It’s quite sad how much I enjoy planning this kind of stuff, but I am in my own little seventh heaven right now. Most of my furniture is coming from the home-ware mothership that is Ikea and won’t be here until Monday at the earliest, so in the meantime I’m just enjoying being in our new neighbourhood, and of course the lovely weather that has been spoiling us all weekend. The best thing is that I finally have a lovely garden to sunbathe in! Come at me, summer.

I’m a bit nervous to share a photo of my very unfinished room but consider this the ‘before’ photo!


Do you see that yellow and gold circle bunting peeking in at the top left hand corner?

I made that the night before we moved and thought I would share a super simple step by step for this fab and easy piece of decor that you make any colour you want!

IMG_4344 IMG_4353

1: Use a round container to draw (approximately) thirty small circles on a piece of yellow card. Repeat with Gold (I used some glittery gold to add texture)
2: Carefully cut around all the circles, being careful to keep them uniform in shape

IMG_4363 IMG_4361

3: Using a pale thread, stick a piece of double sided tape to the underside of one of your gold circles, grab a yellow circle, and sandwich the thread between the two.
4: Repeat for all of your circles, threading them about five or six centimetres apart on a continuous thread.


5: Store your finished garland carefully (I wrapped mine around some scrap cardboard and secured with washi tape) so that it doesn’t get tangled or knotted!

I wish I had a better picture of this in my room – it adds a little personal touch and a dash of colour which I just love!

I’ll be sure to update you once I’ve done some more to my room – plenty of home decor DIYs coming up!

Big Love, PV x

IMG_4474 IMG_4456 IMG_4384


Above: My University room before and after! I really loved that little toom.