Ireland, Dublin

I’m pretty disappointed that nobody has wished me ‘top o’ the mornin’ ‘ since Rob and I arrived in Dublin two days ago. Bitterly disappointed, in fact.

Despite this set back, we’ve had a really good time exploring the city, and I’m constantly surprised by how calm everything is compared to London! People wait patiently for the green man before they cross the road, I went to Primark (or ‘Penneys’ as it’s called here) without being trampled by hordes of shoppers and (so far) nobody has kicked me viciously in the shins for walking too slowly along the pavement. Quite the opposite, in fact. Rob and I have wandered around the whole place at a ridiculously leisurely pace, taking in Trinity College, the famous O’Connell road and St Patrick’s Cathedral (which was so much further away than our cheery illustrated-tourist-map-of-Dublin assured us it would be. Totally worth it though for views of the huge grey stone building against the moody grey Irish sky!)

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I even made time for some yoga-lates (a mix of Yoga and Pilates) in our amazing hotel room, (Rob stared at me the whole time with a look of total horror and confusion, and said that the weird stretches made me look like is was possessed.) We enjoyed plenty of coffee in a few of the awesome coffee bars which are scattered around the city.

My favourite part to visit was the Temple Bar area, which, from the early evening, becomes a bustling and eclectic district full of bars, pubs, restaurants and boutiques within a network of cobbled alleys peopled with a number of pretty incredible buskers and musicians who fill the air with traditional – and not so traditional – music.

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Afterwards, we walked along the river, which is just gorgeous at nightfall, and although I wanted to try a pint of Guinness and look all cool and macho, I left the drinking to Rob because I don’t think Guinness would really be my thing. (I might be wrong though, and I still have a week to try it show watch this space!)

Dublin is lovely, and although the recent economic crisis has left it’s mark on the city, the shopping and industrial districts seem to be quietly thriving here, and bustling with customers in the lovely weather we’ve had. (Or as bustling as this chilled out city ever seems to get!)

I’m completely exhausted from walking around cobbled streets all day, and looking forward to heading into all that gorgeous countryside with Rob’s family tomorrow. Except the cows. The cows are terrifying and I will have to be constantly on my guard in case they try and trample me when I least expect it.

I hope it’s sunny where you are!

Big Love

PV x

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