16/52 – Regent’s Park and Primrose Hill

I’m so happy that the gorgeous weather in London is still going strong, I can now be found at every waking minute dedicatedly working on my tan, or else lounging around my room dramatically fanning myself with magazines and eating strawberries as if I’m in some exotic sunny location. As much as I would love to jet over to Bora Bora or the Seychelles for a bit of a break, London will always have my heart and I found a tiny slice of paradise right in the middle of this huge grey city.

Regent’s Park, which leads onto Primrose Hill, is just a couple of minutes from Great Portland Street Tube Stop and is the perfect place to sunbathe, relax and stroll around soaking up the good weather. It’s also a great place to watch fun runs (all the fun – less running, as I often say), and to my delight I got to watch part of a superhero themed fun run, where, among the sweaty bat-mans and the wonder-womans questioning exactly what is so fun about running, I caught a glimpse of the most adorable little boy dressed as the Incredible Hulk, green muscle suit and all, sweeping serenely past on a small scooter. Way to do a fun run in style!

IMG_3838 IMG_3840

I also saw loads of families enjoying the sunny weather, a couple of students sleeping off hangovers under the forgiving shade of the huge trees, and plenty of dog walkers, joggers, and everything else in between.

After peeking in at the fun run, I strolled all the way through Regent’s Park (there are several different ways to go – so it’s worth checking the maps located at each entrance), making my way through the landscaped sections – full of cafés and fountains, and through to the more open spaces – full of leafy trees and ad hoc football games (which terrify me because I’m pretty sure a wayward football could hit me in the head and kill me #justsayin’).

IMG_3842 IMG_3844 IMG_3847

Primrose Hill, which is beyond the London Zoo side of the park (furthest from Great Portland Street) is similarly gorgeous and full of sunbathers, and it’s well worth the climb to the top of the hill for the amazing view, the sense of satisfaction, and the superior sunbathing spots. I chose a little nook in the grass, lay down, read my book, ate my lunch and it was perfect. I feel a bit stupid describing a park to you in this much detail (it is really just a massive park), but I really really loved the location, the atmosphere, and how easy going it felt to be able to just lay down in the grass with a book. Plenty of people were in their bikinis and if I hadn’t been on my own I probably would have felt comfortable at least in a bikini top for maximum tan! As I don’t have a garden at the moment any place I can tan comfortably is a winner, and the view can’t be beaten!

IMG_3857 IMG_3859
IMG_3865 IMG_3870
IMG_3878 IMG_3880

Walking back down Primrose Hill and back through Regent’s Park, I explored a couple of different paths, and stumbled upon the boating lake. The whole lake is surrounded by a thick carpet of daisies and I think it was my favourite part of the whole park. It reminded me of the famous ‘Bathers’ painting – I’m sure I’m over romanticising this but it was just so pretty!

IMG_3891 IMG_3892 IMG_3894

I would happily have stayed there all day as it was so peaceful and such a gorgeous little corner of the park, but I was actually wearing nice clothes that day, and thought that I should go and parade my classy outfit through Marylebone. (I didn’t really parade, but it’s not often I wear clothes that make me look like I might actually live in Marylebone!) I took myself off to the ‘Monocle’ café (address) which just looked so inviting, and even though it cost me £3 for a tiny vial of organic apple juice, it tasted amazing. The café is so tiny, but very calm and airy and it kind of made me feel like I was in somebody’s impeccable living room.

IMG_3916 IMG_3914

The whole Marylebone area is well worth a visit, and if you’re going to Regent’s Park don’t forget to check out Daunt Books and the surrounding area.

Get out and enjoy the sun while it lasts! I hope it’s sunny where you are,

Big Love,

PV x

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