15/52 – Daunt Books, Marylebone

Bookstores are so dreamy.


Especially this gorgeous Book Emporium in the lovely area of Marylebone in London. Right next to Regent’s Park, in a very nice neighbourhood, Daunt Books nestles unassumingly among the clean boutique shopfronts, tiny coffee shops and parades of impossibly tiny dachshunds on designer leads. It is a lovely area to spend a sunny morning (or afternoon) and I would highly recommend making a day of it and checking out the park and the nearby café culture too!

Inside the gorgeous shop, which is spread over three floors filled with lush natural light, there is a busy but hushed atmosphere, and I spent a happy half hour just browsing the extensive collection of travel books, before exploring the fiction and children’s book sections.

There were several knowledgable shop assistants darting about with arms full of books, giving out friendly advice and, mainly, spending a lot of time talking to an elderly man about a map. From my slightly stalkerish (not my fault – just the way the shop is laid out!) position on the upper balcony I got to hear all about this man’s upcoming hike in the Andes, which he is taking to celebrate his 80th birthday. What a legend. Just like my own Granpa, he seemed to be a very discerning collector of travel books, and the shop assistant was so helpful, kind and interested.

IMG_3699IMG_3706 IMG_3709 IMG_3708

Downstairs, there is a comfortable, quiet area for reading books, but there was a rather severe lady sitting down there when I went to have a nosy, so I decided not to linger.

I loved the variety of book covers, (okay, sounds lame, but it’s nice to see so many beautiful books in one place), both hardback and paperback, and this ‘Nineteen Eighty-Four’ cover is amazing. I love book covers which show designers who have truly understood and engaged with the novel. Top marks.

I bought a ‘GoGo London Guide’ for 2014 and one of the ‘Daunt Books’ tote bags, which are pretty natty and a steal at £3. Now I can show everyone how cool and literary I am and how much time I spend hanging around in destination book shops in Marylebone 😉

IMG_3715 IMG_3711 IMG_3714 IMG_3704

After the books, I went to grab some food and also checked out the two charity shops which are just a few units down the street (Oxfam and Cancer Research). If you’re at all into thrifting, I would suggest checking them out because they have some amazing stuff! A nice area means nice off casts, and if you can’t quite stretch your budget to encompass the tempting designer shops which line this street, these second-hand shops are like a mini treasure-trove of (pre-loved but near perfect) designer wear. I bought a very classy Zara skirt which I can wear for job interviews and  other classy events (I can’t think of a single classy event which I regularly attend, but, maybe one day…ha!)

All in all it was a very sophisticated outing (I sound like Mary Poppins), and I even popped into Waitrose for some Ryvita and some seaweed thins – which I then shared with a man on the train who was so mystified by the ‘strange green paper’ I was inexplicably chewing on I offered him a piece of his own. He didn’t like it. (side note, those bad boys are actually the bee’s knees)


I’d love to find some more inspiring book shops, and I’ll be putting up some pictures of Regent’s Park very soon if this amazing weather continues.

Big Love, PV x

p.s – Afterwards I got to go to Borough Market and St Paul’s Cathedral with by buddies Scott and Chelsey. It was a good day ❤

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