I did my laundry, and I am so excited.

How sad is that? Very, very sad.

As you may have guessed, my exams are over and now I’m gleefully doing all the stuff I’ve been putting off for waaay too long. Like, laundry, tidying my room, going to the gym and, erm showering. It’s been party central up in here.

For the last fortnight (because I really, really really can’t cope with stress and basically crumble like a sandcastle under a welly boot) I have been absolutely obsessed with revision and exams, which means my pile of laundry has been growing monstrous, and glowering at me murderously from the corner of my room. I’m surprised I haven’t been found, half eaten by Alsatians, (a la Bridget Jones), in a pile of dirty socks and festering t-shirts. Ew.

If you’re also putting off your laundry – don’t panic! You might not have to do it all. Check out my handy flow chart to see if it’s really time for you to get that laundry done…

Scan 13 May 2014 06_13 pm

Anyway, I feel so upset that it’s been such a long time since I blogged (it’s been seven days! I’m so sorry! I know you probably didn’t notice but I feel like my blog is a helpless kitten which I haven’t fed for a whole week and I feel awful.) Again – how sad is that 😉 Just wanted to say that I am absolutely devoted to this little blog, I appreciate each and every read and I will carry on posting more regularly, just for you ❤

Big Love, PV x

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